Streetside Beacon Hill

We started Friday with breakfast at The Paramount on Charles Street. Very quaint hole in the wall, packed to its tiny gills, great food, but whoa, not cheap – five of us ordering simple things like two eggs over easy or an omelet with no potatoes or bread, five coffees = $58! That seemed expensive to me. We left after 9am and there was not a seat to be had. Our host told us that on weekends, the line is around the corner.

You taking my photo?

Across the street, the very pretty Beacon Hill Hotel – each one us us gazed up, at the drool-worthy garden, the envy of every urban dweller. I’d never heard of the Beacon Hill Hotel so I’m linking it for you. Eh, not for me – the rooms are pretty but eensy teensy. I’m pleased to note that the room amenities list includes a toilet. 🙂


We did not walk past or even go near John and Teresa Kerry’s small cottage so I Googled it and posted a photo found on the internet, credit unknown….geez, the place is gorgeous….and enormous. That’s a whole lot of ketchup. 

House, pretty, unknown owners…..


All the dogwood in bloom…..


Where everyone knows your name….


Boston strong!! Love this.


Love the black trim…


As we waited for the incredibly long lights to cross the street here at One Hundred Beacon Street, we wondered what an apartment might cost there. The building looks very Park Avenue, all new windows and perfectly maintained. From the website, it looks like every unit post renovation has been sold. I could do this in a pinch.

Originally designed by Architect Clifford Albright in 1925, The Residences at 100 Beacon have been brought back to an unparalleled modern level of luxury and grandeur in 2009. Only the finest materials were used, combined with the highest attention to details and finest craftsmanship. The 16 new luxury residences at 100 Beacon showcase new high standards in fine Back Bay living. The bright and spacious Back Bay luxury condos for sale boast oak hardwood floors, vibrant white quartz Caesar stone counter tops, state of the art stainless steel appliances, sleek limestone bathrooms with steam showers and soaking tubs, direct elevator access for maximum privacy and efficiency, garage parking, 24 hour concierge, and balconies and fireplaces in some luxury condos. Most units enjoys 3-side exposures: South facing Beacon St, north with stunning Charles River views, and east with gorgeous views of the Boston Common and its skyline.



I was surprised that a 3b 2Ba home sold for only $2m and change in 2013 which means it was post-renovation. Seems like a HUGE bargain to me. Second floor, but still, 1959 square feet!! You can’t get NINE square feet in New York City for $2million!

My takeaway: Boston is pretty but not my kind of town. Not enough hustle and bustle, the pace is decidedly slower (which I suppose is why most people LOVE Boston). The brick townhouses are spectacular and now lucky for Bostonians that they are all preserved and adored. That’s a good thing. If I were going to move to Boston, I’d want a townhouse fronting the park or the street so I’d have all the light. The townhouses on the little back bay cobble streets are pretty but must be morbidly dark with zero sunlight ever. Needless to say I won’t be able to do a compare and contrast for you.

Tomorrow I’ll post the photos from our glassblowing outing. The photos aren’t as good as I hoped, more blurred than not but hopefully you’ll still get the gist of what magic happens inside this studio in NoCa (North Cambridge, just in case you couldn’t guess).


8 thoughts on “Streetside Beacon Hill

  1. That’s not Kerry’s house, though. His is on Louisburg Sq. Your photo is of one on Mt. Vernon St. They’re both on Beacon Hill and were built much earlier than houses in the Back Bay. 100 Beacon is located in what is known as the flat of the hill and is on the edge of the Back Bay. It’s a pretty noisy corner which may account for what you consider a bargain price.
    The Paramount has been around for ages. Beacon Hill is the high rent district and there are no bargains to be found.
    We raised our family in a brick, federal townhouse and it was great. Kids on a different floor from the parents. Walked everywhere. We’d walk to Fenway Park, Symphony Hall for the Pops, North End for pizza. Lots of families with which to carpool to the private schools we all sent our kids to. In summer, everyone we knew left the city and went off to Maine, the Cape, NH, and yes, Rhode Island. It was a pretty idyllic way of life. We got old(er), the stairs got steeper and there seemed to be more of them.
    It came time to leave…

    1. Ah, so much for uncredited photos on the Internet. The tag said Kerry. I’ll go correct the post. Thanks.
      Oh, don’t get me wrong. A townhouse is dreamy dreamy. The luxury of a private back yard, the stairs, EVERYTHING about raising a family in one is super appealing.

  2. I took another look at your photos of Back Bay and they are all of Beacon Hill. We Bostonians are a bit fussy when people confuse the two. We aren’t pleased when Boston Common is called Boston Commons, either.

  3. I can see why you had a hard time selecting the photo for Kerry’s house. I Googled it too and saw the link to your photo and several other houses attributed to Kerry.

    I believe this is the right one EOS

  4. I love Boston’s Beacon Hill townhouses and am jealous Swanton owned one and raised her family there. What a life!!!!

    Boston’s Curbed has some good Beacon Hill columns and this listing. Not a townhouse, but doable.

    Hope you are ready for a week of rain EOS – starting tomorrow and never ending. It better be sunshine by May 9 because the moving van is coming. We drive out the next day. I was excited until this week and now all I can do is cry. It’s a mixed bag of a great new beginning and sadness to leave behind the known.

      1. We practically had to get papal dispensation to leave early. The kids are good students and there was no doubt they’d pass but I had to fight with the headmaster to get each teacher to prepare a final exam now for them. Their new public high school didn’t need anything other than a pass-fail record for the transfer to be complete. More to the issue, we’re leaving early because the kids are restless, hating all the long goodbyes and the empty echoing house.

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