Quintessential MIT Photo!!!!

We ventured quickly down into the bowels of a MIT building, into the glass laboratory there, but this photo op made me stop in my tracks. Asians, by the busload, touring MIT. Stereotypical maybe, but one needs only look at the student body at MIT to know that the Asians rule this campus with their brilliant minds. Bravo.

We passed Binary Man on our walk, then through the front hall and downstairs….








Classes were still in session as witnessed by the bicycles piled up at the entrance to every building and the crowded corridors to classrooms. Commentary: I didn’t see a single MIT student walking and texting. Too busy solving world problems?

It’s always fun to be on college campuses, MIT especially when you realize you could bump into a student who will cure cancer. Awe-inspiring.

3 thoughts on “Quintessential MIT Photo!!!!

  1. my brother-in-law is a 1999 MIT grad, bio chemistry major and freaking brilliant. by the way, he’s chinese! 🙂 I’m sending him this photo.

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