Name The Hotel

We’re in enemy territory, Boston, surrounded by you know what, Red Sox fans, but it’s a gorgeous day. Bright sun and the best news, we found a parking garage that didn’t require giving up our first born to pay for 30 hours (although on days, giving up the first born isn’t a bad option!).   

We’re sitting in the lobby waiting for a daughter to arrive via the #170 Northeast Corridor train from NY. It’s running late, but that’s the norm with Amtrak. Sigh. 

13 thoughts on “Name The Hotel

  1. Mandarin? Looks pretty swanky. It’s close to Back Bay station. When you live in a place you don’t often venture into hotels. Makes it difficult to recommend them.
    Beautiful day to visit Boston.

        1. The lights in the bedroom are totally bizarre. One “light” is a wall mounted florescent that is so glaring we opted to be in a dark room rather than have that god awful thing on. The other very odd thing is the open concept bathroom. 😁

    1. It’s called enough SPG points for two free rooms for one might. Gotta use them somehow. Even though the hipster vibe is not us at all (the “chair” in the bedroom is utterly unsittable!), the location is what we needed. My cousin works downtown and made the dinner reservations knowing we wanted walkable from hotel. We’re eating at Erbaluce and it sounds drool-worthy. An easy five minute walk.
      Also tomorrow we are being picked up by my glassblowing friend whose studio is also near here. I’m not sure what hotel we would have chosen had we had no parameters.

  2. I know Erbaluce and the charming neighborhood behind it very well. It’s not your usual Italian restaurant, though. I’ll be interested in your review of the place. Some people adore it while others don’t quite ‘get it’ at all.

      1. So glad you enjoyed it. You have discriminating taste. The owner/chef is always in the kitchen creating menus daily. And, boy is he creative! I don’t know of any other restaurant quite like Erbaluce. Did any of you have the boar if it was on tonight’s menu?

        1. Sorry to take so long to get back to your comment. We did have boar, and rabbit, and speck and just about everything else on the menu. There was a shrimp appetizer that was delish, with the added component that the shrimp were from a new shrimp farm in Stoughton, started by a Vietnamese man. Our waiter was a little snippy and slightly inattentive when we needed something but the food and our lively conversation made up for his arrogance. I’d go back.

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