Well, I’m Up. 

I’ve been AWAKE since 3:18 from the noise of huge thunderboomers overhead, one clap so close that the house shook. Tons of rain and lightning too so I figured I might as well just get up and make coffee.

Dawg followed me into the kitchen, all squinty eyed from the kitchen lights I turned on. She’s dazed and confused still, her body telling her she needs more sleep. We both may need an afternoon nap but now that I’m up, it’s time to make the donuts. And pray the coffee pot doesn’t act up. I’m in no mood for clean up in aisle one


UPDATE: Coffeemaker perked correctly which says yesterday was an anomaly. There must have been  a blockage but I’m as anal retentive about my coffee pot as chris is about his Hydrox. I wash every piece thoroughly daily so leftover grinds is highly unlikely. But hey, today is another day and I do have my coffee. That’s all I care about. 

17 thoughts on “Well, I’m Up. 

    1. Yep. She’s evolved to a Trump voter. She was a longtime Jeb! fan but soured on him when he kept dragging out his mommy. Then she thought Kasich might do but thought he was weak as well. What brought her thoroughly into the Trump camp was the Romney falderal and she liked how Trump tells the GOPe off.

    1. He’s evolving too. Jeb to Kasich to an on-the-fence Trump supporter. He’d vote for Trump against Hillary for sure but otherwise Trump for him is okay but not what he hoped.

  1. I was pleasantly surprised to see CT give me the choice of “Uncommitted” as opposed to Cruz, Carson, Trump & Kasich. I took advantage of it…..

    1. Is CT the only such state to offer that box? I don’t think New York does – it might have a blank, for writing in…but I’m honestly not sure.

      That leaves you in a quandary come fall – if you are None of the Above in the R column now – then what?

      1. That’s an easy one – whoever is running against Hillary. Did business in Arkansas in the late 80s and what I saw and heard formed my negative opinion of both of them.

        1. No disagreement there from me. I don’t see Hillary’s clear path to victory since I find it hard to believe Bernie’s base will jump over to Hillary’s side. I think they find her repugnant. Of course, now that Governor of Virginia has cleared the path for his state felons to vote for Hillary – sheesh, how bad is that? If he were sure Hillary was such a easy win, he wouldn’t have done such an executive order.

  2. They take no prisoners. McAuliffe has been their bag man for so long it doesn’t surprise me that he would do something like that to put her over the top. He’s cut from the same cloth.

    I’m resigned to the inevitable at this point. I don’t think Trump can be stopped at this point and there is no way he beats her unless Bernie runs as an independent which he won’t do. My only hope is that she’s a one-term president.

    1. I’m going to be more optimistic and say Trump has a darn good chance of beating Hillary. If you notice Trump hasn’t even begun his game against her, other than slowly talking about topics that are traditionally Dem – like student loans and the transgender bathrooms. Both times Trump has taken the moderate Dem or the Independent voter approach, knowing he needs those voters. Once Trump gets through to the nomination, watch out. He’s got a strategy to best Hillary at her own game. Most other R candidates have strictly played the R game, not even thinking of trying to appeal to the Indie voter or try to capture lots of Dems. Not The Donald. Gotta be positive.

    2. PS: As an update to the post on the deuce and a half, I was corrected by my son who says it’s the model one bigger, the five ton M923-A1 with 8.3L 855cu motor. He changed the oil in it and it took 31 quarts.

    1. Good thing there are archives to save such great webpages as Arkancide. That was quite the read. Bill and Hillary have a way with people who don’t agree with them. I’m actually surprised that of the long list of Bill’s lovers, they are all still alive and well and able to talk.

      Now, as for the cookie story. Pure gold. I didn’t see the ending coming at all. Not at all. Love it.

    2. Love love love the Cookie Crime.
      I do try to remember there are always 2 sides to every story, even when the RIGHT side is mine.

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