My Coffee Klatch was Perfect Except for the Coffee

Twenty minutes before the guests were to arrive, I push the Start button. I’m busy in another room setting out plates etc and I hear a strange noise from the kitchen……

Come in to find coffee dripping down the cabinets onto the floor in a giant puddle!

I scrambled to clean the mess and clean the coffeemaker too, setting it up again, double and triple checking every aspect of the coffeemaker. All looked good, I pushed start again just as the doorbell rang. I went up the door, came back into the kitchen and yet again, the coffeemaker was leaking. I pulled the plug immediately before another puddle, but that left me having to grab the Chemex, rinse it out, boil water and let it steep.

Too chilly and cloudy to sit outside but otherwise a fun gab fest, talking Florida east versus west coast, taxes, selling houses in an iffy market, kids, grandkids, and just life. Friends are such a joy!

Time to eat the leftovers! 

10 thoughts on “My Coffee Klatch was Perfect Except for the Coffee

    1. I’m a serial coffeemaker owner and I think I need a twelve step program for this problem. I think I use a coffee pot normally, like every other person, but they crap out on me or give me sass. I might have to convert to tea. Aw heck, who am I kidding- I could never give up coffee. Never.
      I’m going to take this one apart and what the problem is. The Bunn always gets good reviews but I’m still in denial that my current coffeemaker is dead on arrival.

        1. I didn’t take time for a post-play analysis as my house was filling up with guests. I may, may try and reenact the situation this afternoon but I’m not there yet.
          When I cleaned up the mess it looked like the grounds were too coarse (I grind my own beans) and perhaps one or two larger grounds clogged up the works. It was a mess!!!!!!!!

  1. I’ve been there more times than I want to count. Sometimes the paper filter is installed incorrectly, or the lid on the carafe is missing or the gizmo that drips drips doesn’t drip and the whole darn filter basket fills up. And, sometimes the coffee maker just wants to get back at me.
    After the second coffee maker fiasco did you give any thought to skipping the coffee and serving mimosas and bloodies instead?

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