Would You Care for Soup With Your Saltines, Miss?

A much colder day than I expected so I find myself inside, tackling QuickBooks invoices and bills (**see more on that below).

It was cold enough that I felt like soup for lunch and had a can of my favorite Tomato Bisque on hand. And what’s soup without saltines you ask? Nothing in my book, although it’s only tomato soup that goes with saltines – not chicken noodle or minestrone or pea. Pea means croutons. Minestrone gets a few parmesan shavings. Chicken noodle is slurpily good alone. But tomato needs crunch.


There is soup under the mound of saltines, really there is…


But Nabisco needs to get their act together and finally put out sleeves of saltines that are resealable. There’s no good way to open a sleeve of crackers, no seam that opens it for easy closure, then no way of closing it back up without using a rubber band. Am I right?


Others might argue that resealable is not an issue because one sleeve is about right for two bowls of soup and two big saltine users. (I was going to say cracker users but somehow that didn’t sound proper!)

Now that soup is done, it’s back to **Mom’s Bookkeeping. Here I thought in all my tech wisdom and geek talent that QuickBooks would be a breeze to figure out. Turns out that would be a no. So bad was I, I had to hire a tutor, at $85/hour if I travel to her, and $90/hour if she comes to me. So far I’m in for four hours with her. Next week I expect another four hours of her time here. I’m so glad I opted for the one-on-one lesson. I think I told you I signed up for a BOCES class but the night before the first class, they called to say I was the only one who signed up and the class was cancelled. The woman I found is a QB trained expert, she’s patient and brilliant – three things I’m not so I’m thrilled she’s working with me without laughing in my face. That alone is worth the cost per hour.

She’s taught me a ton, from setting simple preferences to personalizing the invoices and correcting my mistakes on pre-tutor work. Hint: the word bill in QuickBooks isn’t always what you think. 😦 My only worry is she left me a pile of invoices to add on my own this weekend. Let’s see how much I really learned.

Good thing I didn’t have to hunt in the phonebook for this tutor – look what was thrown at my mailbox yesterday, what every modern household needs, a hard copy of a phonebook! Grandma grandma, what’s a phonebook??


Luckily, the book says Larger Print!!!!!!!!


If this is larger print, I’d hate to see regular. I guess this to be about 5point, tops.


I doubt I’ll Opt Out, as the front of the phonebook indicates I can.  It’s easier to toss the thing in the paper recycling bin….what a waste to make it in the first place.


Back to the computer grind. The sky is clearing but I’m glad we had all the overnight and morning rain. I can see two glad stems and a couple of dahlia stems popping up already. Rain was a good thing.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday. Oh yes, if you were worried that President Obama was stuck in England with nothing to do today – stop fretting. He’s on the golf course. It’s his first round outside the United States. What a legacy booster. Sigh.



11 thoughts on “Would You Care for Soup With Your Saltines, Miss?

  1. A couple of years ago Nabisco changed the shape of its saltines from square to round. Lost me as a customer because the round ones didn’t taste the same. No supermarket or convenience store anywhere near me carried the square ones. So, I switched to Goya soda crackers in the round, green tin. When I was young, we occasionally would get Keebler saltines in a round tin. Perhaps Keebler makes them for Goya. Don’t know.
    It’s a gloomy day here. I had crackers with soup for lunch, too. Chicken noodle in my case.

    1. What a dumb idea to change a classic food but I don’t see the rounds for sale any more. Maybe they are for sale and I don’t look. I’m still a Saltine-brand buyer. Perfect for a slab of peanut butter or cheese or for tuna when you don’t want a sandwich.

      Sun bright here now. Looks like the rain and gloom is gone. Yay.

  2. I recall Nabisco saltines once came in a tin which held four stacks of crackers.
    It cleared up late this afternoon but it’s none too warm.

  3. If the Premium Saltines are made in Mexico, like Nabisco plans to do with the Oreos, it might be time for an alternative:

    1. Are they made in Mexico? Ay carumba.
      I’m looking at the box now and although it doesn’t say Baked in Mexico it does say distributed by Mondelēz Global. Sneaky. You knew that Premium saltines were made in Mexico or you found out while looking for the link to Krispy?
      Is saltines a registered trademark word for Nabisco?

        1. I’m glad to know this although I can’t imagine Hydrox cookies are as good as Oreos….but if buying Hydrox advances the Make America Great principle, I’m in.

        2. I always liked them better (taste-wise, a bit crunchier, filling not so sweet) and to know that they make them out of real sugar seals the deal. Nabisco can take all their frou-frou flavors to Mexico and all I can say is:

        3. The flavors are stupid as all get out. Never bought a one. Stick with the original. I also think it’s fakery re the double and triple stuffing. They all look the same to me.
          I’ve made a mental note to buy Hydrox from now on.

          Are you a dunker? Do you twist them open and scrap off the inside first? Or eat it as a whole cookie? IMWTK.

        4. as a self-avowed anal retentive, i cannot bear to dunk something that may leave crumbs or other detritus in a beverage that i am also making use of. chips and dips are okay and fondue is marginal (i need at least two pre-prandial cocktails).

          i used to twist the top off, eat the one ‘cookie’, lick off the inner filling, and then finish the second (my theory was that the experience, was greater because of the length of time to accomplish the act). But, in my older, wiser years, i know that the synergy of the whole is really what God intended.

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