Happy Earth Day, Brought to You by Barack and Michelle


So everyone knows by now that Barack and Michelle flew in separate planes to have lunch with the Queen today because Michelle didn’t want to go to Saudi Arabia, or so I guess. Michelle flew over last night and just now the real royals and our American faux royals are gathering.

But get this, seems two Air Force Ones aren’t enough for our royals. We also flew over our Marine 1 helicopter so they could majestically land on the castle grounds? Honestly, I had to look and see if this video was from The Onion before posting it. Sadly, and embarrassingly, it is true. Could Michelle look any more sullen?????????? And for god sake, stand up straight woman! Her slouch drives me crazy. Prince Philip and the Queen look fabulous, truly.

At least The Obama’s brought a really awesome present for the Queen’s 90th.  /sarc



Next question: When will The Obama’s fly to Minnesota for Prince’s funeral? You KNOW they will, right? On second thought, maybe not. Seems Michelle’s dress today is a Purple Rain homage to the late singer.

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From reader Peter – a photo of the Queen and her great grandchildren.


The Queen with her great-grandchildren and youngest grandchildren. From left: James, Viscount Severn; Lady Louise Windsor; Mia Tindall (holding the Queen’s handbag); Princess Charlotte; Savannah Phillips; Prince George and Isla Phillips



10 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day, Brought to You by Barack and Michelle

  1. It often travels with the rest of the gear (limos and the like) when he’s on the road. All carted separately via Air Mobility Command (still can’t get used to calling them that instead of Military Airlift Command).

    1. That’s what I figured but if you look at the photo, TWO Marine helicopters, and I hear a gaggle of limos for getting to and fro. I’m sorry, no president should have that much of an entourage. Not just Obama. No one.

      1. BHO said in no uncertain terms that if the UK left the EU, the US would make negotiating any new trade agreements with the “stub” EU the higher priority because those countries are a much bigger trading partner for us than the UK. Hence the “back of the queue” reference.

        1. Whoa, thanks. I figured it had to do with Barry’s less than ideal comments about the Brits and EU. I read one reporter took issue with Obama. Gee, can’t imagine why!

      2. everything MR85BROAD said.

        you can click on the tweet to watch ‘Mr. Patronizing’ lecture and you can also read the responses. Maybe the UK press won’t be so hard on DJT any more?

  2. My wife wants me to post this photo of all the great grandchildren. It’s beautiful in its happiness.

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