Barcelona or Positano?

We’re thinking long and hard of what to do post our October Queen Mary crossing. The obvious choice was to stay in London and sightsee, maybe even go to the Giants game, then come home. It seemed so predictable, and boring, not to mention the shock at the hotel prices in London. We’re not cheap but holy cow, my eyeballs kept popping out of my head calculating five or six nights in a decent London hotel.

That got us to discuss going elsewhere. Barcelona has long been on my bucket list and that’s an easy flight from Heathrow.


Another thought is Positano – it’s been years since I’ve been there, but that would require flying to Naples then getting to Positano – either via the hydrofoil, or train, or driving, or bus. Scratch the bus. That’s not an option for us.


Two very different destination choices. Barcelona, lots to see and do, walking, eating, drooling over art and architecture. Feet on terra firma.

Positano might require another boat and less to do other than relax and enjoy being spoiled in a gorgeous Italian seaside village.

We dock in Southampton early in the morning so there’s plenty of time that same day to go through customs, get to the airport, and fly off somewhere fun. We’ve done Paris enough so that’s out. Scotland might be rainy in October and we don’t think we’d  want to play golf. There’s Lisbon. There’s Florence or Milan. Not Rome. Done Switzerland thoroughly. I’d love any suggestions keeping in mind we don’t want to break what’s left of the bank.

14 thoughts on “Barcelona or Positano?

  1. BARCELONA. Hands down one of the most incredible cities in Europe. It’s not cheap though and some of the best hotels will cost you more a euro or two. Hint: don’t stay at the Arts Hotel. It’s gorgeous but you want to be in center of town – the Arts hotel is on the water. Go there for dinner one night as the views are extraordinary.

    1. I totally agree. Barcelona. Affordable, clean, lots to do & see & easy to get to from London. If you’ve got the time take the high speed train to Madrid & spend a few days.


    I’ve been a couple of times and it ranks in my top five cities visited. Seeing the La Sagrada Familia church is worth the trip on its own. Be prepared not to eat dinner until late (for me past my bedtime) but you’ll love the food, the city vibe, the architecture. Positano is pretty but that’s a trip for the summer when you can drive the whole coastline.

    We stayed in town too, at the Grand Hotel Central. Not fancy like Hotel Arts or the iconic W hotel shaped like a sail, but good location in the heart of town and within walking distance to everything –

    Travel and Leisure has a good Barcelona overview. Don’t pass up this opportunity.

  3. definitely Barcelona, I have never been but my daughter went and said it is fabulous. I want to see all the Gaudi architecture.

    btw off topic a bit and totally in the wrong direction but if you are even in Scotland, try and see Dumfries House, it was built in the 1800’s has been completely renovated and has all the original chipendale furniture

    1. I seem to be in the minority NOT having traveled to Barcelona.

      I would love to go to Scotland too, especially the place you linked. We just need to win the lottery. That’s all. Is travel nine months a year if I could.

    1. I forgot to mention that when you visit La Sagrada Familia try to go mid-late afternoon so you get the sun shining through the fabulous windows on the west side of the church. Don’t sweat the late Spanish dinner hour. There are cafes everywhere.

    2. Ha. My first trip to Europe in 1961 we stayed at Le Sirenuse. My mother required I keep a travel diary so I can tell you I was in Room 10. I even noted the dinner waiter was hysterical, telling us the chicken was very special because it had long legs. Don’t ask me what he meant or why I thought it was funny. I was 13. 🙂

      I’ve been back to Positano since but didn’t stay there.

    1. Never heard of the Isles of Scilly. As a matter of fact, when I first saw the comment I thought you meant to type Sicily. Only after a close look did I see what you typed was what you meant. They look stunning and I’ll take a longer look tonight on Google earth. Have you been to these islands??

  4. Barcelona!
    And book into the Alma Hotel!
    Very modern in an old structure and sister hotel to the Muga de Beloso I stayed at in Pamplona.

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