My Only Question is Why?

Coming to a double sawbuck soon..Harriet Tubman.


From the Wall Street Journal article by Nick Timiraos

This time, Alexander Hamilton dodged the bullet.

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew will announce plans Wednesday to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, following an extended campaign to solicit public input on his initial proposal to put a woman on the front of the $10 bill, according to a Treasury official.

The subplot over what would happen to Alexander Hamilton, who will remain on the $10 bill, often overshadowed the Treasury Department’s campaign to celebrate the contributions of female historical figures.

It gets better……..

As it became clear in recent weeks that Mr. Lew was considering the bill switch—moving a woman to the $20 while keeping Hamilton on the $10—other women’s groups said Mr. Lew was breaking his commitment to put a woman’s portrait on the currency. Redesigning the back of the $10 note could serve as an interim step, but it already drew criticism Wednesday from several prominent women in business and entertainment.

Then the Gag Me quote………..

“Could there be a better metaphor for the second-class status that continues to limit our girls,” said a letter posted by members of the Makers organization, a women’s leadership group, on Wednesday.

The article has (at this time) generated 144 comments. I’m sure the total will rise as the day goes on. This commenter hit the nail on the head:

Should have just created a new $15 bill to match up with the demand for an increase in the minimum wage.

This entire thinking, of putting a woman on currency, makes ZERO sense to me. Do women’s groups really have nothing else to fret about?

If the feminists really want a woman, how about someone who has made money, and plenty of it – like Oprah, or one of the Kardashians, or Beyoncé – any one of them would strike a lovely pose on a bill.

Harriet Tubman is about as logical choice as I am. Really folks, could we pander any more? You think Jack Lew sat in an office with a deck of cards of historic women- the black pile, the Hispanic pile, the white pile (no, scratch that). Lew was probably told that any woman chosen had to be black. That still leaves Oprah and Beyoncé. The Kardashians are out, although they’ve all married black men, so perhaps they do qualify.

This is one incredibly stupid decision. Doesn’t the government have more pressing things to decide?

…Like why the Saudi king choose white roses and candy as a present for Obama? Because sometimes you feel like a nut?? 🙂


4 thoughts on “My Only Question is Why?

  1. I’m curious. How much is this change going to cost? Will the Tubman Twenties be as popular as Sacagaweja’s dollar coins were? What happens to our current $20’s? Will they be worth hoarding like gold coins in the 1930’s?

    1. Ya know, I am sure there will be lots of people coming up with nicknames for the new bill design. Tubbies is probably the least offensive one out there.

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