Helpful Hints

  1. Measure before you buy a water infuser


2. Don’t waste your money on a water infuser in the first place. I’ve been infusing water for decades – in an old pitcher that FITS on the shelf – I infuse with lemons, cucumbers, and ginger. Mint when I have it. Don’t ask me why I bought this yesterday.

Oh wait, now I remember why I bought it. I am still buying bottled water because when the new well pump was raised, the well company was obligated to add chlorine in the well, to insure no contamination. I was told the smell/taste of the chlorine would dissipate quickly. Um, not. It’s been a month and we’ve been running water like crazy, hoping the chlorine would finish passing through. It’s drinkable but the taste lingers and Dawg won’t touch it in her bowl.

ANYWAY, in the aisle for bottled water, I was met with scorn by a mom who berated me for buying the bottles. Plastic this. Green that. Don’t do this. Do as I say. As she was scolding me, my mind was rapidly trying to create the perfect comeback. I said, in the nicest way possible, Heymove in to our house for a week. You and your darlings can drink my heavily chlorinated well water and get back to me on that whole bottled thing. 

She walked away and I never saw her again.

3. Don’t buy ANYTHING with stickers that need to be removed, because the stickers never come off.


4. Don’t select Copy on an Amazon website photo. It saved the ENTIRE html file, with well over 200 product images saved. I am now manually deleted them. Doink.


5. Despite what Amazon says, take it from me, Do Not buy this for your mother on Mother’s Day..


Kudos to  reader NY Tax Refugee who guessed correctly that the item is a vegetable steamer. I tossed my thirty-year old metal one away the other day, the feet were missing, and about a half-dozen panels were gone too. I opted for the new OXO metal steamer with a lift top handle and a place for the fork to go in to lift the steamer out of the pan. I plan to do a scintillating side by side consumer test of the two steamer baskets – broccoli in one, cauliflower in the other. Please stand by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


13 thoughts on “Helpful Hints

    1. Okay chris – here’s your Hump Day Quiz:

      1. Which of the top 25 do I already own? [Could be one or more than one item.]
      2. What amused me enough that I will order today? Again, could be one or more items.
      3. What would I be mortified to own?
      4. What mother tongue was the blogger? (Hint, apparently by his odd spelling choices, not English).

      I hope you are up for the challenge. 🙂

      1. Okay, I will try:
        1) You already own the Nessie ladle and the Pastasaurus. Also, maybe the Spartan knife holder.
        2) I think you might want the blood splatter set (at least I do) and the Shark sushi plate.
        3) The Boogie egg yolk separator is pretty gross.
        4) Lithuanian.

        I guess the life of a kitchen accessory is not all fun and games:

        1. > I own the herb scissors (that are worthless btw)
          > I’d buy the blood splatter today (good get) and the Mr. Tea Infuser. Because Mr. EOS despises eggs, I might gross him out and buy the hilariously gross Yolk Separator.
          > I’d be mortified to own the Mitten Ice Cube Tongs, The Magic Wand S&P, and the Pizza Scissors (no real Italian would own these!)
          > Lithuanian, yes.

        2. There’s always the Spiegel (60609) catalog or Lillian Vernon. I remember as a teen the Tiffany catalog that came was HUGE with page after page of drool worthy diamond rings. My girlfriends and I used to circle the rings that would be minimally acceptable by anyone proposing. Today’s Tiffany catalog goes in the trash bin. Worthless. I’m not sure but I think the new catalogs are afraid to present Tiffany as for the elite or 1% so they offer non-sterling crap and engagement rings you could buy at Zales. Sad commentary.

    1. Peter – that’s awesome. I hadn’t seen that clip. What a gem they snapped up. I knew the house was old but I didn’t know what incredible history it has. Thanks.

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