The System Is Indeed Rigged!

Channeling my inner Donald Trump this morning, I am agreeing with his sentiment that voters get a raw deal in electing a president.

Take me for example: As a lifelong registered Republican, I was so angry over Romney’s inability to close the deal in 2012, angrier at the idiots who ran the RNC, that I undid my R status and became one of the giant pool of Unaffiliated.

In New York that means you can NOT vote during either party primary, so in essence, the millions of us who chose not to align with one party are flat out of luck today. That doesn’t seem fair to me.

There are plenty of states where one can be registered as an Independent, with the ability then to vote in whichever primary you choose. That seems right to me, but New York forbids that. Isn’t that like banning the democratic system?


All that said, I’m still not ready to kiss and make up with the dear GOP. They seriously fall flat on so many levels, the worst is the Romney-Jeb! push to destroy Trump.

Am I sorry I can’t vote today? Yes. But I know at least one of my kids is pulling the correct lever today!


My predict-o-glass tells me Bernie will lose big time today, for the very reason that Independents can not vote for him and as he has stated publicly, the Independents are a huge part of his voter base. Oh, and yes, his message stinks.

PS: Cruz will find out what New York Values are really all about. 🙂 Adios Ted.

6 thoughts on “The System Is Indeed Rigged!

  1. I did my final New York civic duty and voted bright and early this morning. I was impressed by how long the lines were – even parking was a problem which says people, whichever party you vote for, are interested and connected to this election enough to get out.

  2. I voted too and concur with Catherine that the lines are long. That bodes well for Trump. Not sure who gets the advantage on the D side by large turnout. Bernie says it goes to him but I doubt it. Hillary has NY locked up.

      1. I vote at the Bedford Presby Church. Even on days when there’s no voting parking is a zoo – I had to duke it out with a Range Rover for a space across from the PO this morning.

  3. I’m just this afternoon paying attention to the draconian requirements that are in place in NY to be able to vote in the primaries. Yeesh! If a southern state like Arkansas tried to pull a stunt like that, the DOJ and the ACLU would shut it down before sundown, and the NYT would make sure the whole country heard about it endlessly. Which would be fine with me, liberal that I am, but my point Is that liberal vs conservative is irrelevant here; that is flat-out obstructionist. Is it indeed a “law”? As in, voted upon and enshrined in the statehouse in Albany? Or is it a wink-and-a-nod sort of thing agreed upon by both the R and D state party “leaders,” and accommodated by the legislature?

    1. I agree with you that it is obstructionist. Googling if it is actually law, I come up with a million different answers depending on which site I go to. LSS, I assume it’s law, but don’t know.

      Ironically, I heard a radio ad for getting out to vote and the ad voice said “Every registered voter can go to the ballots today.” Well, NOT. I am a registered voter, just not affiliated. I didn’t pay enough heed to whose radio ad it was – and I wish I had because I’d call them out on their error.

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