Seems One AF-1 Just Doesn’t Suit Our Queen

Sneaky sneaky sneaky White House. President Obama leaves today for Saudi Arabia for some lame reason (NB: he told the press yesterday he has not read the mysterious 28 pages of the 9-11 Report that may or may not link the Saudis to the terrorism) and on his way home, he plans to stop off in London for dinner with Wills and Kate – mention of honoring the Queen’s 90th birthday but Obama isn’t actually invited to dine with the Queen.

Then, comes to light, thanks ONLY to the Twitter feed of Kensington Palace that lo and behold, our own Queen is flying just to the London part of the trip, for one night, on her own plane, just to have dinner with Wills and Kate.

Why go together when we can get the taxpayers to foot the bill for us to travel separately??

Only Only ONLY after Kensington Palace spilled the beans did the White House “announce” the First Lady would be traveling to London, separately. OBVIOUSLY, the White House didn’t want to let this particular cat out of the bag but now have to deal with the bad optics of The Most Wasteful Presidential Duo.

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry will host President and Mrs Obama for dinner on Friday at Kensington Palace
11:42 AM – 18 Apr 2016

Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
Mrs Obama will also join @POTUS for previously announced lunch Friday at Windsor Castle with the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh.
11:47 AM – 18 Apr 2016

Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
WH had not previously announced that Mrs Obama would join the president for the UK portion of his upcoming foreign trip.
11:52 AM– 18 Apr 2016

So my two cents is this: If Michelle wants to have dinner in London, fine, then she leaves tonight with the President and takes the whole trip, with him, to Saudi Arabia too.
Then again, her last visit to Saudi Arabia wasn’t all smiles and happiness on her part…


These two can not be gone fast enough form the White House. Of course, it looks like Hilz and Bill will be taking over, a net gain, but not by much.

3 thoughts on “Seems One AF-1 Just Doesn’t Suit Our Queen

    1. I heard only snippets of the What I Want to Be When I Grow up interview – thanks for the link, I think, to the full blown misery of it all. Michelle has had an incredibly good life – been given opportunities most of us don’t get…you are right, she constantly pisses and moans –

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