Never Help an Old Lady Down a Curb Until You See Her Car First!

On one of my stops along the Big Loop of Chores today, I came across an older woman (older than I even!) who looked like she could use a hand getting down a rather large curb. I held out my arm for her to hold onto, she said her car was right across the lot, I got her to it and nearly fell over. From Connecticut no less. Sheesh, go back across the border!

She looked too old to have a child at Yale but hey, cougars rule.

It was a day of funny cars- this plate made me laugh, reminding me of the great Seinfeld episode. Mr. EOS will tell you that one of our last Scrabblefests, he used the word but spelled it moyle and I called him out. The other, maybe even more preferred, spelling is mohel (said the Episcopalian). 

Right after I snapped the photo, the owner of the car got in, then put the top down on his convertible, which made me laugh even louder – it was like he was taking a little off the top! Groan.


Overheard in Target a mother and son (son about 11)…..

Mom: We need to buy you stationery  before you go to camp

Son: What’s stationery?

Oh dear. That mom has failed her child big time. That must mean he’s never written a thank you note ever??? Or maybe his mother bought him those fill in the blank cards?

Finally, a Tuesday Game: Name This Thingamabob.

Hint: It’s not my Easter hat and it’s not bigger than a bread box.


16 thoughts on “Never Help an Old Lady Down a Curb Until You See Her Car First!

  1. The blue thing: You haven’t joined a new religion?

    For the Mohel, there is a classic SNL ad with Dan Ackroyd (hulu sucks so I won’t link)

    1. Pastafarian? She lost her law suit I believe, just recently.

      I’ll go find the Dan Ackroyd SNL ad myself. If Dan is in it, it’s GOT to be hysterical. He’s one of my favs – he and Bill Murray. Speaking of Murray, one of his funnier movies was on this weekend: What About Bob. Classic.

        1. Cool. Totally cool. As far as I know, there’s no website EOSstories.
          He seems to have stayed grounded post-SNL, unlike dim bulb Chevy who motors around Bedford in a big ass car, forgetting he’s all in for saving the climate. Doofus.

          I hope Bill Murray is happily married to his one and only. With happy well adjusted kids. I know remarkably little of his personal life which speaks volumes to his ability to keep out if the limelight.

          None of those old crony golf events are the same. No Bing. No Bob. No Dean. Poor Ed McMahon got the Quad Cities Open.

        2. From Murray’s Wikipedia page

          During the filming of Stripes, Murray married Margaret Kelly on Super Bowl Sunday in Las Vegas on January 25, 1981. Later, they remarried in Chicago for their families. Margaret gave birth to two sons, Homer (born 1982) and Luke (born 1985). Luke is an assistant basketball coach at Xavier University. Following Murray’s affair with Jennifer Butler, the couple divorced in 1996. In 1997, he married Butler. Together, they have four sons: Caleb (born January 11, 1993), Jackson (born October 6, 1995), Cooper (born January 27, 1997), and Lincoln (born May 30, 2001). Butler filed for divorce on May 12, 2008, accusing Murray of domestic violence, infidelity, and addictions to sex, marijuana and alcohol. Their divorce was finalized on June 13, 2008.

          Murray confirmed in a 1984 interview: “I’m definitely a religious person, but it doesn’t have much to do with Catholicism anymore. I don’t think about Catholicism as much.”

          Murray was once pulled over by Swedish police on suspicion of driving a golf cart under the influence of alcohol.

  2. I’d guess some sort of birth control but I know that’s wrong. I have no idea. I hope you’ll tell us.

  3. I think it looks like a sprinkler or an attachment to a watering can (albeit ginormous!)

    When we were living in Stockholm, circa 2009, Bill Murry was arrested for driving a golf cart around downtown under the midnight sun. He was thrown in the drunk tank, but overall a pretty amicable story.

    1. No, but good guess. Water is related to its use.

      Bummer about Bill Murray story. And here I was just saying how much I thought he was a stand-up guy.

      1. Sat at the table next to him at brunch in NYC once. Just as funny then. We were both looking into a mirror on the wall and he was doing his best to make me laugh at what he was saying,

  4. I have seen Bill Murray’s sister, who is a sister. Do a performance of St.Catherine of Siena at St. Catherine of Siena in Greenwich, CT. Boy that’s a lot of duplication.

    1. We have a winner!!! That’s what it is. I haven’t used it yet so the vote is still out if it’s better than the traditional metal steamer basket.

      Good work guessing this right.

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