Fe Fi Fo Fum..ble?

As it happens, come to find out that the NY Giants will be playing in England on the weekend we’ll be still hanging out in London after our crossing, dahling….



The Giants will be playing against the St. Louis Rams so, hmmmmm, we’d be paying for tickets to see a 7-10 team play a 6-9 team!!!!!! Pretty stupid, although it might be fun to say we were there, because after all, we will actually already BE in England – we wouldn’t embarrass ourselves by flying over to England just to watch these two losing teams play.

The only real question – which team is the Silly Nannies*?

[*This is a test of your TV IQ].


14 thoughts on “Fe Fi Fo Fum..ble?

  1. *Will you be singing Shapoopie?

    I’d go – get seats in the upper bleachers so they are cheap then if (when) the game is miserable waste, you won’t feel you’ve spent a fortune for two lousy teams.

  2. Go. Why not. You’ll be there already, we’ll watch and look for you.

    Have you decided where you’ll stay in London yet?

    We went to our last Ripp auction this weekend, happily NOT bidding on a thing, thrilled that we are done with such expensive nights. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones’s auction item brought $60k, time at their home in Majorca. The odd thing is that the home is for sale and what if you are the winning bidder and the house is sold before you go?

    EOS, I’m crazy busy every day here, packing up, shipping boxes to Wyoming (UPS loves me) so don’t fret if I don’t comment very often. I do check in but my time card is pretty full.

    1. Looking at hotels now and having sticker shock – awful. In the mix is The Goring Hotel but that’s only first round looking- it might get axed later. John have any thoughts of hotels that won’t break the bank?

      Catherine, don’t YOU fret. We know you are knee-deep in boxes and the excitement of moving out west. Pop in when you can….

      I heard first hand about the Red and Blue Auction – one of my kids is good friends with the couple who started Maison Privé, the caterers from Greenwich for the auction.. I heard the menu was amazing!

      We’re glad we’re out of the auction biz too – and school capital campaigns!

      1. Oops, sorry, fat finger error. As I was saying, I’m really not usually this bitchy, but I was rooting for Diandra in that awful Michael Douglas divorce way-back-when, and don’t feel at all sorry for either party in the Douglas – CZJ marriage meltdown. Separate but related, I am baffled by people who buy massive high-maintenance estates that they plan to visit only intermittently. Of course I’d like to have that kind of money (who’s kidding who?), but can’t imagine pumping hundreds of thousands into the upkeep. Anyway, I hope the fundraiser auction buyers of the stay at the Majorca house are able to have a good time. For starters, clean sheets, working plumbing, transportation, good food … good luck!

        1. I figure the expenses of so many houses are all related to tax write-offs, not really the cachet of owning so many homes. Hence Bermuda and Majorca.

          They recently upgraded their Bedford home to quite the bigger doozie.

          The first one backed up to Sunnyfield Farm so never any chance of other homes. The most recent purchase isn’t that far as the crow files, and atop a hill and long driveway for more privacy.

          I didn’t have a pony on the whole Diandra divorce but it was a shame after so many years together he dumped her for CZJ- but Catherine ZJ is a stunner and they’ve managed to stay together (on and off)…

  3. I’ll see you there! Wearing my vintage LT 1986 jersey.

    Went to the first game in Wembley in 2007 (Giants v. Dolphins). My BIL in London is a Dolphins fan (can you believe that?).

    Was a really odd experience. The large majority of the people clearly had no idea what was going on. And it was quiet as a church. When I would yell about something, all these people turned around and looked at me like I was insane. And these are the people who have perfected the art of being soccer hooligans.

    The Giants game is at Twickenham this year (the rugby stadium) as opposed to Wembley so plan accordingly.

    1. Awesome! Your jersey will most definitely be better than our matching Brady NE Patriots jerseys. We’ll probably be booed out of the stadium.

      Yes, we are pretty sure we’ll go, and I did read it was at Twickenham – not that I KNOW where Twickenham IS, but duly noted, thanks.

      The reviews online of fans who have gone to the London games are exactly as you described – Clueless Brits. Pretty funny.

      1. South West of London – on the Thames before you get to Hampton Court.

        Biggest pain is going to be getting there/getting home. Could take the Tube to Wembley. Nearest tube stop to Twickenham is a haul. Train station is small and still a walk from the stadium.


        Heard that going forward from 2018 the new Tottenham FC stadium in North London is going to be the host for all the international games. Apparently they are building an NFL field turf field underneath what will be a removable soccer pitch.

  4. I can’t be the only one willing to answer the Silly Ninny quiz?

    It’s my favorite Family Guy episode of all time – Peter attends his reunion – long story short, he gets to play for the Patriots but ends up kicked off the Patriots and is forced to play against them in London for the team called the Silly Ninnies.

      1. I confess to being a Family Guy fan also. Now, any of you other lowlifes also fans of “Shameless”?

        1. I know lots of people who watch Shameless. They all love Emmy Rossum’s character. I don’t know how current you are in your viewing so I won’t spill any last episode beans…..

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