Call Me Old Fashioned But If I Call You, Shouldn’t You Call Me Back???

Is it just me or is anyone else fed up with people not returning phone calls??


I made two calls first thing this morning, both requiring a response. It’s now 4:10pm and neither party has called me back.

BOTH calls were to people where I was asking to engage their services or buy a product. Ya know, I wanted to give them my money. That alone should put me at the top of the list of calls to return. But  nooooooooooo. Both calls went to the company voice mail….your call is important to us...but not really.

I can see waiting until lunchtime or break-time to return calls but if you are a business, wishing to actually do business, well folks, pick up the damn phone and call me back.

End of rant.



6 thoughts on “Call Me Old Fashioned But If I Call You, Shouldn’t You Call Me Back???

    1. Haha. I’m trying to get skinny before going on the QM2 but not that skinny.
      Not returning calls is in the top of my pet peeve list too. Not sure if it’s number one, but top ten.

    1. No. First call was to Katonah, one town over!!!!!!!! Second call was to Wisconsin. I actually called the merchant in Wisconsin last week, heard it went right to message, opted not to leave a message and try again. I getting the feeling they just don’t ever man the phone.

  1. 20 years ago — literally — I remember phoning “professional” residential painting companies in Fairfield and Westchester counties. I wanted the entire exterior of my house in Greenwich painted, as I made clear in my voicemails; it was house-painting season; these were telephone-directory companies, not friend-of-a-friend moonlighting operations. I figured my biggest risk was that I’d get overcharged and in general jerked around. Joke was on me … zero callbacks! I guess things haven’t changed much.

    1. You are 100% right – things have not changed. In the first go-round we did of renovations, it was shocking to me the difficulty we had in getting call backs – even our architect, who did some of the calling, was appalled and dismayed at the lack of a response.

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