Someone Please Explain Coachella To Me 

Is it Trust Fund Millennials meets Victoria Secret Models meets Girls Gone Wild meets WTF??????

How did it come to be that the fashion is Wannabe  Flower Power Sixties Hippies Gone Awry? I bet some of these outfits are designer duds (see Paris Hilton below – I bet THAT didn’t come from a consignment shop!)

Do none of these people WORK?????


Who needs a fancy house rental when you got Goodwill? 

Little one looks so happy.

This video SLAYS me – the guy checking out his tongue rings to be sure he looks great for any TMZ footage? Ewwww. Is that supposed to be MUSIC in the background?

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I get the sense that Coachella is strictly a Be Seen and Be Instagrammed opportunity. Sure doesn’t look like anything I’d want to attend, but then again I’m old.

Anyone care to enlighten me?

17 thoughts on “Someone Please Explain Coachella To Me 

  1. Geez 3 day pass VIP includes 1 dinner in the field $1124
    But free charging stations for everyone
    Got to find who leaves with the $$$$$

    One consistent theme….long naked legs

    1. Is it that expensive? Whoa. That doesn’t include getting to PS, finding a place to stay (PS ain’t cheap), eating, drinking, and I suspect in many cases, buying drugs.
      Agree about the long naked leg look. It’s an attention grabber for sure.

    1. Oh dear. That’s bad. Really bad, that someone would spend so much money to look cool? I notice she’s divorced but it doesn’t say if she foots the bill for all the work and clothing or if it’s from the alimony pony? Either way, very sad commentary. Go if you want to, have fun, kick up your heels if you want to get your groove back Stella, but don’t hire a stylist. I felt sorriest for that one who called her plastic surgeon as soon as she got tickets. Don’t these women have any sense of themselves? I guess not.

      That was an eye-opening article. Thanks Cobra.

        1. Fake youth looks ridiculous on the old. Like Botox lips- that’s such a giveaway. Meg Ryan is the poster girl for looking ridiculous.

    1. Did Bernie make that pre-recorded introduction from the private plane he took home from Rome?
      Is it bad that the only person in the linked article I even remotely heard of is Bernie?

      1. yeah, that’s what i was thinking he recorded that in flight (maybe between the ‘settling in’ and ‘starters’?)

        yep. Bernie’s name was the only one i recognized too.

        1. So dumb me, I gotta ask: Bernie pisses and moans about the 1% but he gets to choose between lamb and chicken? I got a bag of blue chips on my flight back from Orlando. That was my starter and my finisher!! Me thinks Bernie is talking out his ass. He’ll be toast in a couple of weeks anyway when HRC sweeps all eight northeast states. [sad trombone]

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