Geriatric Gardening


Yesterday and today is bulb planting – dahlias in abundance and gladiolas too. The standing bulb holer is a godsend, especially in the bed where I planted the dahlias  (above)- there are some rocks in there, and it was very difficult to core.


The bed where I put all the glads is 100% mulch and soil so it was easy to dig a trench… kuplink the bulbs in one after another.


I had a helper….


So glad I knew not to EAT the bulbs myself or feed them to Dawg….Sheesh, no comment!


The crowing glory of work today, when you know for sure it’s springtime…..Ta da!


My mother is playing golf at 12:30 so life in the EOS family is good. Happy Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Geriatric Gardening

  1. Geriatric tool or not, that thing is a back saver for sure. Your garden is going to look fabulous. I hope your mother shoots her age on her round today. When I was playing golf I never, ever kept score. It was much more fun that way.

    1. My garden is a long way from looking fabulous. You may remember when I started the renovation I had to dig up tons if perennial bushes and flowers that I have to my neighbor. I can’t exactly say Can I have them bank now? I have shopping to do in the next couple of weeks to fill up all the empty spaces.
      My mom is a score keeper as a rule but she’s given herself permission to pick the ball up and move on. I’m sure both Ernie Els and Jordan Spieth wish they could have done that last weekend!

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