The Barack Follies, #725099

The Russians had a field day yesterday, darting around a US Navy Destroyer in the Baltic Sea.

(U.S. Navy photo/Released)

But never fear Americans, our President was right on top of things, talking to brass at the Pentagon, pacing and fretting all night……


The man never misses an opportunity for his grin….UGH.

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  1. I’m no military expert, but isn’t that considered aggressive behavior that would allow us to shoot the MIGs down? I’m more worried seeing some US Navy men aboard that ship LAUGHING.

    1. Standard rules of engagement severely limit a Captain’s ability to initiate fire without having been fired upon. Once they could visually verify that the fighters weren’t carrying missiles, they really weren’t in a position to do anything.

      The really crazy thing about this is that the Donald Cook was in the midst of a training exercise allowing Polish helo pilots to practice landing on the ship. If I was a fighter pilot, I wouldn’t go anywhere near activity like that. Saw too many hairy helo landings on my tin can.

      1. I understand about the rules of engagement but one wonders how far out the Russian fighter planes were before our navy determined there were NOT missiles aboard? There are several YT videos posted of the planes swooping in and at no point can you hear the captain voice concern.

        I haven’t read WHY the Russian planes were playing cat and mouse other than for the sheer enjoyment factor – this is the second time the Cook has been buzzed by Russian planes – it happened about the same time of year in 2014, after which the Pentagon started the don’t do this again hashtag.

        1. Cat and Mouse has always gone on with Ivan. In my day, it happened occasionally between planes and quite often between attack subs.

          The laughing doesn’t bother me – most of the guys in our deck division weren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer (that’s why they end up as boatswain’s mates) and that kind of reaction would have been normal. Should have seen them when we lost a man overboard in the San Diego ship channel.

        2. Remind me – you are my age so you served in Vietnam like my brother-in-law? He was a Navy officer who served on the Destroyer USS Furse (now recycled for tin cans) and had amazing stories of a murder aboard his ship (in the kitchen with a knife!) and drunk sailors who barely made it back on board after an R&R weekend. I’m sure you two could sit for hours and have lots of laughs.

        3. The esteemed (gag) John Kerry said this morning the planes were fair game to shoot down.
          .@JohnKerry says the US would have been within its rights to shoot down Russian fighter jets during close encounter

  2. Obama was busy last night readying himself for the selfie. You didn’t actually expect him to care about a couple of Russian planes over a destroyer?

    1. One of the comments in the White House Dossier article says it all of Obama. He opines because he can and he knows it sways people. No difference than when he told the TV viewing audience this week that Hillary’s email was not worthy of an FBI investigation and indictment.

      Another example of how he “tips the scales” not by directly talking to people he isn’t supposed to talk to, but by putting his take on the airwaves where these same people can see it–mission accomplished. He has this down to a routine…

    2. The soccer selfie was nothing compared to today’s photo hijinks –

      A high five was all he could muster to Wounded Vets going by him on their bikes. He said this to add insult to injury (pun intended) :
      Pres Obama notes Wounded Warrior Ride dreamed up by a bartender, adding “some of my best ideas have come to me in a bar.”

      When I saw this tweet, all I could sing was Don Ho’s Tiny Bubbles!

  3. The Exif tag in your first flyby photo indicates it was photo-shopped. The Youtube version has the news video, which is slightly less dramatic. But point well taken.

    1. You are right, that story went Poof in the night! I remember the day it was breaking Twitter news, Lockdown at Lackland – to be honest, I had forgotten all about it until you posted it here.

      Did you mean to say in your comment that “had the other person in the room BEEN a woman…” or was there a woman there too and I just don’t know enough about the story.

      CNN has a link, a short one, few details, others do too and no one has said outright that the two men were having a lovers quarrel – is that why you think this story disappeared – that both men were closet gay? Like, Don’t Tell But We Know Anyway?

      This would make great Dateline fodder were it not for the the PC police guarding the juicy details. Drat.

      1. The commander, who was killed, told a First Sergeant (a woman) to run (she was also wounded in the arm). I see this as a problem of woman in the military (combat roles) where the male’s natural tendency to protect women leads to an unsafe situation for all. But, wasn’t there, so, don’t know the whole story…

        1. So this ISN’T a gay love triangle saga?

          I see your point now about the woman – how it was expressed in your first comment was a bit vague. Yes, for sure, 100000% sure, that men in the military are not keen in women in the front lines of combat.

        2. Was the shooter originally targeting the woman (as the Daily Mail suggested)? Nobody is saying anything. Where are the pics of the shooter?

  4. Obama’s press secretary made it all clear! Ha!

    @PressSec says Russian actions against US warship barred by Incident at Sea agreement between US and Russia.

    US has lodged complaint with Russia via American Military Attaché in Moscow about Russian aircraft buzzing US Navy destroyer.

    Putin is laughing his head off.

    1. There’s an Incident at Sea agreement? That’s news to me. As Mr. 85 Broad Street explains, this kind of cat and mouse antics has been going on forever. The longer I look at the photos and video if yesterday’s buzzing, the more I see it as simply fun fun fun by the Russian pilots. It really wasn’t an action against a warship.

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