Never Out of Balance

Paired with tuxedo aboard the Queen Mary 2?

The story today from the CEO of New Balance going on record saying the US government reneged on New Balance participating in providing American made sneakers to the US military.

Mr. EOS has worn New Balance 990′s since the dawn of America, the pair in the photo are his favorite for construction only- do not wear around the missus but he has a Sunday-go-to-meeting new pair he bought recently at LL Bean with a coupon to bring down the price from $12jillion to $11jillion! He even an in-between pair for everyday.

We were especially pleased to hear CEO DeMartini speak out against the TPP today, and give Obama’s administration a little jab for dealing this great company a raw deal. Makes me want to buy a pair of NB myself, but I won’t. NB sneaks don’t fit me at all but glad Mr. EOS finds them perfect for his running, walking, and even climbing up and down the scaffolding.

The NB CEO was on Fox & Friends this morning and it was a rare moment that I was even ON the Fox Channel, let alone caught this good interview. The video doesn’t embed properly in WordPress like a Your Tube one does so you’ll have to click this link to play it. It’s worth hearing him, his opinions on the TPP, what deal he made with the devil, then got hosed. 


8 thoughts on “Never Out of Balance

  1. Those are some fine 990s Mr. EOS. Are they held together with duct tape at the bottom? EOS allow those IN the house or are they garage only before you come inside?

    I can’t wear NB either – I have a high instep. I’m a Nike runner.

    1. You use them for running or just your basic sneaker of choice?

      The people for whom NB fit swear by them and would never wear another brand.

      1. Running? HaHaHa. Don’t look for me on Monday at the Boston Marathon. I wear NB’s when out for a good, long walk and on the tennis court. Other than those activities I don’t wear sneakers at all.

        1. Phew. I thought I was the only non-runner left on the planet.

          I walk in Asics that I love. I’d walk in my UGG slippers if I could without being laughed at.

  2. NB sneeks come in a wide size that fits my Sasquatch feet. I’d try a duct tape repair were it not for the laces. I had plenty of practice with that – actually athletic tape – back in the boarding school days to keep my Weejuns going. As did many classmates. Probably a laughable exercise in today’s co-ed environment.

  3. I just looked, they still make Weejuns
    Are they still relevant in the youth community?
    I-phone and Injun weejun

    1. My kids might know the word Weejuns but I don’t know too many boys who wear them – maybe at boarding school, beyond that now. What a shame to let such a classic go to waste.

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