You’re All I Knead To Get By! 

I was in Greenwich early and when done there I crossed over the border into Port Chester – my car had some strange magnetic pull and before I knew it, I was parked in front of The Kneaded Bread Café. It was calling me C’mon in, buy that olive loaf you’ve been wanting!!

I came home with Two Two Two loaves, not one – the rosemary olive and a crusty country. First bite of the olive bread and lo and behold, I got an olive PIT! That was not a good thing.

My other Port Chester chore was to return something I bought at the Brewster Home Depot – easy and no lines, but the ONLY cash registers open were self checkout, same way when we bought things in Brewster. Guess HD and Target are going the way of eliminating employees.

When I left, I watched a man in a truck drop this bag of trash right in the parking space. I was shocked, I really was, that (a) he’d think that was okay and (b) that no one around called him out. I wasn’t going to – he was a big guy and I wasn’t interested in messing my hairdo. I wish I had gotten his plate number on camera – had I, I would have reported him somewhere somehow.

The reason for being in Greenwich early was an appointment at New Country Audi – my tires needed rotating and while I was there, they did a full service appointment, even tho my car wasn’t sue for another 5K miles. Yay.

While waiting, I see I could have skipped breakfast – but this sign, either written by someone who didn’t take 5th grade grammar or for whom English isn’t regularly spoken, is embarrassingly bad. I passed.

Home finally and ready to change into outdoor work clothes and plant some bulbs – dahlia!

Happy Hump Day.

8 thoughts on “You’re All I Knead To Get By! 

  1. YUMMMMMMMMM for the country crusty. Meh for their olive loaf. The one I bought the olive juice bled into the dough and made it an odd color. Not much rosemary either. What’s your opinion?

    I like their ciabatta the best but you have to eat it quickly as it gets rock hard in two days.

    Finally a beautiful day to be outside. Enjoy planting.

    1. Agree with you re the olive loaf assessment. Not enough olives and no hint of rosemary. I’m used to Maison Kayser olive bread, with huge pieces of green olives. This has black olives with very little flavor. The crusty country boule is delish though. I’m one for two.

  2. I prefer Neri’s Bakery. I’ve had a couple of ‘heavy’ breads at Kneaded that were weighted like a bowling ball not light and airy inside.

    I guess you saw New Country tore down their sales building opposite from the service. Whatever they rebuild, sales and service should be in the same complex. Crossing the street is taking a big chance.

  3. Kneaded? You need to go beyond bread
    KoKoanut Kake about a mike highl
    And, really, I love their tuna salad (not the sandwich but the plastic tub)
    But nothing aromatizes my car like Provalone Bread.

    1. I had a gluten coma yesterday from over-sampling both breads. I’ve sworn off bread for today but gee, KoKoanut Kake, that does sound yummy. I wasn’t in the store long enough to browse and I see that’s a good thing because had I see the cake, it WOULD have made it home with me. Bread is my biggest weakness and I saw many of their loaves that called my name – provolone, yes.

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