If It’s Monday It Must Be Wilmington 

Up and out before dawn this morning on the road to Wilmington, stopping in Secaucus first to pick up my sister who lives in the city and who takes the Path out to meet us. 

No traffic the whole way, until we got to the Delaware Memorial Bridge. And then I took the wrong exit into Wilmington (had a huge truck blocking the sign and even though I have taken the same exit for a thousand years, today I ended up on 495. It wasn’t a big mistake and it was merely a matter of hanging a louie someplace to get back downtown.

More photos as the day progresses as we are out and about, in the rain! 😦

One thought on “If It’s Monday It Must Be Wilmington 

  1. Don’t you hate it when you miss a turn on a road you’ve driven for umpteen years. The good news is you know the alternative routes.
    Other than visiting Mom, any reason for a Wilmington trip?

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