No Bull: CosHarbour Takes Pamplona

This blogger would be nothing without the great photos from so many of you – so today, without further ado, CosHarbour takes us along on his recent trip to Pamplona where he attended a family wedding. As far as I know, he did not run in the streets but hey, they say What Happens in Pamplona Stays in Pamplona.


Over the river and through the Alps we go….


The cool modern hotel…


with jazzy modern rooms and a cool lush spa…


Lunch for five euros…


Breakfast of champions…


And what better to wash down the meal than with a hearty Spanish drink..


A little Pamplonan local color..

Two points if you know what the circle sign means



And of course, the REASON for the trip to Pamplona, the family wedding…


And adding adorable adorable adorable adorable new family members is always the best….chrelativechild

Thanks for taking us along Cos.

As for me, I’m in a celebratory mode too this weekend, birthday not wedding, blowing out more than 67 candles and not 69. Do the math! #closerto70





15 thoughts on “No Bull: CosHarbour Takes Pamplona

  1. Great, great pics! Almost thought I was there.

    🎉Happy Birthday🎈(Little Buddy is as close to EOSr as I can get)

    1. While the thought is nice chris, the clown singing was totally depressing – it sounded like a birthday dirge. Got anything more festive or cheerful?? I’m 68, not 108!

  2. Talk about a destination wedding. Beautiful. The child is indeed adorable. Congrats CosH – your wedding????? Are you in photo or will you remain the mysterious man behind the camera?

    Happy Birthday

    1. We love birthdays in our family and there will no lack of celebration, food, drink, and all around merriment! Thanks for the well wishes.

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope you celebrate in style. Kick up your heels. Hide the FitBit and enjoy the second or third cocktail tonight. Birthdays come only once a year.

    CosHarbour takes some great photos, doesn’t he. I enjoy them all.

    1. Luckily for me, today the FitBit needed recharging. I couldn’t have planned it better had I tried!
      Cocktails AND cake are on the menu tonight – and even more celebrating tomorrow when the kids are all around.
      Agree that Cos takes very good photos.

  4. I don’t see any shadow thrown by the photographer in the wedding shot.
    Maybe it is time release pic.
    Who is the guy way off to the left?

  5. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful weekend, I like to start mine on my birthday eve so I can stretch it out. I’ll be toasting you with a gin & tonic in a couple of hours.

  6. Feliz Cumpleanos! EOS.
    Many happy returns for many days!

    The wedding group is my nephew+bride and of one side her Spanish family in front of the 12th Century church in Labiano. The baby buggy is my favorite detail, besides the breathtakingly beautiful and composed bride.

    After a honeymoon to Roma, gifted by better uncle than moi, they now live near lucky me.

  7. Terrific photos Cos H. What a wonderful family wedding.
    EOS: Happiest of Birthdays, wishing you all the best! Streeetch it out for a MONTH of celebrating.

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