This Might Be A Thank You for the Small Christmas Bonus I Handed Him! 

My mailman is a pip – he delivers my neighbor’s mail to me at least twice a week, he doesn’t bother to make his loop until the end of the day, and this gem….mail thrown in an empty planter at the front door. Dated March 31. Soaked.

No telling why the mailman did this except he might have delivered a box that day that was too big for the mailbox and assumed we’d see the mail in the planter. Um, no. I only saw it today because I hauled in the groceries through the front door. I couldn’t believe my eyes. 

You’d think he’d see how infrequently we use the front door when eyeballing the dead wreath. Note to self: take down wreath TODAY!

2 thoughts on “This Might Be A Thank You for the Small Christmas Bonus I Handed Him! 

  1. I took my wreath down right before I went to California for Easter! 🙂

    The mailman story is a hoot. From the previous stories you’ve told us about him, I’d say he’s lucky you gave him a bonus at all.

  2. When USPS delivers packages, they are left in or by out mailbox at the end of the driveway. If they don’t fit in the mailbox, they are left on the ground. Otherwise, I’m happy enough with the postal service in town.
    FedEx and UPS bring packages right to the door.
    At our previous house, we had a mailman who didn’t like putting mail through the mail slot in the door. He preferred to ring the doorbell. If he got no response, he would more often than not leave the mail on the steps. Great way to announce that we weren’t home. The UPS guy there just assumed we weren’t home and would leave a slip saying he tried to deliver the package rather than ring the doorbell.
    My wreaths are down but one is still on the porch floor, one is beside the garage and one is in a pile of brush in the woods.

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