What Republicans Had For Dinner in November 2012 Is Looking Like a Menu Redux This November

This, cooked!

As the despicable Republican establishment sit behind closed doors to plan ways to trip up Trump, what they’ll find out is that they’ll get someone most R’s I know don’t like – Cruz, and Cruz will implode so fast in the general election against Hillary, he won’t know what hit him.

These co-conspirators, both of whom LOST, are SURE they know what’s best for the party..it’s laughable if it weren’t so tragic.

This Republican plane is going down…………..

Don’t get me wrong, Trump has made some pretty awful blunders, he huffs and puffs to blow the whole R house down when he should get more serious, but the mysterious plan Romney, Bush, and Ryan have isn’t mystery at all. It’s a plan to assure Hillary a victory.

Way to go guys! NOT.

MY personal philosophy, despite what the Republican establishment is doing to kill it, remains No To Hillary. Not at all. Never.


6 thoughts on “What Republicans Had For Dinner in November 2012 Is Looking Like a Menu Redux This November

  1. Laughed at the photo of Bush and Romney laughing. Agree with your assessment that (a) Cruz is unelectable and (b) that the establishment is not thinking things through – they figure if Trump is out, they’ll find someone, anyone to replace him. I’m betting Trump will ultimately decided to quit the race, realizing he’s fighting a losing battle. President Hillary it is.

  2. Wyoming went BIG for Cruz, scarily big. I’m an R, a middle of the road R – not Cruz whackadoodle R.

    Hillary is in like flint, no hurdles to cross, not even the FBI will indict her. Must be nice to be Teflon Don. I won’t vote for Hillary but I also couldn’t vote for Cruz. I could write in EOSredux.

  3. You left out Narco Lubio:

    My opinion is that Ryan is the GOPe boy. Cruz is just being used to deny Trump a win on the first ballot. I used to think Cruz was my guy, but, the more I see/hear him, I realize what a prick that guy is.

    1. Your photo is much much much better than mine. Snidely Whiplash is the only person missing.
      I know several otherwise reasonable people who picked Cruz as their guy. I won’t hold it against you chris. He gives me the creeps. And I be heard awful stories about his wife. The kicker was when one of his children asked Ted to don a cheesehead when campaigning last week, he refused, telling the child about Dukakis.

      1. not gonna lie: i thought Trump as a candidate was a joke. that said, even though most of his answers to policy questions are cringe-worthy, he comes across, at least to me, as being passionate about the people of this country – all the people.

        1. I don’t disagree with your assessment that Trump can be cringe-worthy so I can’t for the LIFE of me figure out why the people around him don’t tell him to knock off the name calling and just get down to the facts and win the damn nomination. He could behave if he wanted to but I worry that his inner Queens-raised bully just can’t quite disappear.

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