Do You Leave with a Bad Case of Progressive Cooties?


Arianna Huffington has a new book coming out any day now called The Sleep Revolution and I assume her publisher and their clever PR peeps decided to market the book in a different way buy offering a one night stay in Arianna’s New York City apartment through Airbnb. 

It’s a contest of course…..

Go to the “Night At Arianna Huffington” listing page. Click on the button ‘Enter to win’ and tell us a little about yourself, where you live and answer the question: “What would you do with your day if you got more sleep at night?” In the form provided, write your story addressing the question above in at least 50 characters but no more than 550 characters.

The winner will be chosen entirely on merit, based on the following criteria applied by a panel of judges: Originality of the answer. Does it surprise and delight us?
Spirit of the answer. Does it evidence a passion for a life that is enhanced through deeper, more restful sleep?

I mean, really, the question, what would I do with my day if I had more sleep? That’s the best question they could come up with??

In case you didn’t already guess, I’m not entering. Arianna says…

I would highly recommend a hot bath with my favorite Epsom salts in my sunken bathtub.

Ewwwwwww, no thanks!!

What’s interesting is that the contest is strictly for the use of her one bedroom and one bathroom. I bet the rest is roped off or you sleep with body guard in the next room. Further, I am SURE the contest winner, even with the best answer, is vetted for a criminal past and security cameras will be on all night, so be careful what you do in that bathtub! And for sure your political persuasion will be sought out. No Conservatives will be eligible to sleep in the Queen’s bed. I consider that a victory for conservatives.

Also, look what you can’t do – no internet to check your Twitter feed or to blog about the experience. No TV? Gee, that’s really a gyp. Can’t use her kitchen, or buzz the doorman to send up the pizza. If I stain the sheets I can’t run them through the washer and dryer before I leave. I can’t hang my clothes or use a hair dryer or iron. What kind of contest is this??


I’m going to follow this story to see who is chosen. My money says no one will have just the right essay.

6 thoughts on “Do You Leave with a Bad Case of Progressive Cooties?

    1. He’d win too. But as a condition of the win, he might want Arianna in bed or the bathtub with him, although Walt seems to have much much higher standards. At least I hope he does.

  1. I bet Arianna sleeps with all the makeup she has on in the photo. The photographer could have photoshopped her turkey neck a wee bit.

  2. What a bizarre photo! Why bother with the full face of makeup if you’re not also going to go for flattering lighting and a good camera angle? And what’s with the purple tie-dye pillowcase … does she hawk a bed linen line called “Hashbury Days”? A most unappetizing “opportunity” all the way around.

    1. Isn’t it such a strange photo? I can’t believe she approved its use. Unflattering angle for most women to begin with. Then the makeup and the outfit an the linens. I stand pat with my original assessment – no one will actually win the “contest”. Just book PR 101.

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