The Sound of a Toilet Flushing


So much money down the drain – the State of New York money grab resembles the shower scene in Psycho – multiple stabbings….in the wallet.

Then the Estimated – lord lord lord, it’s painful. April isn’t over yet by a long shot, with the school portion of (correction thanks to comment by Bedford Mom) property taxes due by April 30. Add some major house repairs needed ASAP (four more panels of fencing fell with the latest high winds and now its time, painful expensive time, to replace the fencing. We’ve repaired it twice, sorry honey, but to no avail.

Take me away Calgon……………

17 thoughts on “The Sound of a Toilet Flushing

  1. Hence our move to Wyoming. John finally said NO MORE to New York income taxes and school/property taxes. We can’t be rid of that debt soon enough. Hie thee to a state with no state income tax dear, soon!

    1. I hear you loud and clear. I know Wyoming has no income tax but I’ve heard the property and sale tax aren’t cheap there. If I may ask, what will your property taxes be in Wyoming as compared to what they were here in Bedford?

      1. You are right. Property taxes are relatively high, but nothing like New York. Take for example a house in Jackson on twenty acres – the tax load is around $22k/year, and one house we wanted but couldn’t afford was on 41 acres with a tax bill of $29k.

        Our lot in Bedford was a good size and all usable flat land – our tax bill was upwards of $70k. I mean, that’s a salary of one Town employee. Insanity and John just got sick and tired of the drain.

        Love your Psycho analogy. 🙂

  2. Florida. Florida. Florida. Need I say more? Good weather. Easy flights back to NY. No state income tax. Beautiful beaches. Me. Earth Image. Your Iowa family. C’mon down!!

    1. Peter, I keep telling myself I’m too young to move to Florida but I gotta say I had such a great time visiting last week and especially that I was on a beach that was so walkable. Bibi mentioned Sanibel and that’s an option too. Mentally, I’m not ready to move, with my mom still alive and well, but I DO like the way you think….

      1. I admit I am prejudiced, but I agree with US News & World Report. I’m waiting for my rebuild to be finished. Will be a Florida resident for tax year for 2017. Property taxes are reasonable, though they do hit waterfront houses hard. And that would be me. Taxes on the old house were I think $17k. New house will go up to high 20’s, I think, but it will be homesteaded and limited to 3%/year increase or so thereafter.

        1. Smart move!!! Everyone understands why there’s a rush out of states that are high tax, NY and CT included, and I’m sure many more people (like Bedford Mom) would like to follow suit to Florida or Wyoming, but alas, it’s not always doable for job reasons, or for family connections etc.

          I was on the phone this afternoon with an old high school friend who moved to Vero Beach about twenty years ago, taking a job at a bank there. He’s now retired but says the move was the best decision he’s ever made, although he added that since the beginning of the year, he and his wife have had only six DAYS without guests!

          Dog Walker – are you heading to the east or west coast of Florida? And should I book my two weeks in February now? I like my coffee by 7am please. Toast light. Bacon crisp. Thanks.

        2. You must not have clicked the link. I’m a Sarasota guy. Loved it since my first trip there in 1999. Coffee at 7am? No problem. But the wife and I have yogurt, berries, and oatmeal for breakfast.

        3. Oops, guilty as charged for not clicking the link. I was at the supermarket when the comment came in on my phone. NOW I clicked it. 🙂

          Berries and yogurt work too.

    1. I am divorced from the political frenzy ever since the R’estab decided to divide the party. I have such disdain for Romney, Priebus, Paul Ryan and The Gang of Idiots in the party, that I can’t even stomach watching the news anymore. But to answer your question, no, I don’t think Trump will win. Cruz will win handily I bet, with the help of another loser, Scott Walker. Let all of them see how far their evil ways take them to the Whiter House. Not.

  3. Catherine, we’d love to be right behind you but I’m not sure my husband’s job could be done in Wyoming, or Florida. Jealous that you get to wave goodbye to the high cost of NY.

    Quick correction EOS – this month’s property tax bill is for the real property, not the school portion. The school portion for us is MORE than what we owe for our home.

  4. Future Floridians — pay attention to the homeowners insurance rates. Some insurers have ceased writing policies in the state altogether. For others, there is a lull in rate boosts, but it’s only because of the eight-ish years since the last weather disaster.

    Also, try reading “Siege of Miami,” by Elizabeth Kolbert, The New Yorker, Dec 21 issue. Yes, I know, we in Arkansas are just a bunch of rabid lefty climate change alarmists. Perhaps Earth Image — who actually, uh, knows, uh, actual facts — will weigh in?

    1. Re the insurance policies: one very high end insurer pulled out of our RI town completely, telling homeowners on the ocean they had to install metal hurricane window panels. We’re talking about many houses that are well over 100 years old and survived countless hurricanes unscathed but now it’s hurricane shutters or else. Stupidity, or the almighty dollar reigneth.

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