Mixin’ It Up for Dawg

Dawg was getting bored with the same old same old dry food (she told me so), so Saturday I bought a bag of new dry, coming by recommendation from the people who own the pet food store I use.

They sell tons of brands at the store and I don’t think they get any kickbacks for recommending one brand over another, so I decided to try what they were raving about.

Acana. Free-Run Chicken.


Now, I gotta admit I think I’m getting hornswaggled here – like what’s a free-RUN chicken? Considering I don’t even eat free-range chickens, why am I buying this for Dawg? What’s a Fresh Cobb Chicken? I love a Cobb Salad, but I’m guessing a Cobb Chicken is something different!

The bag says the food is Biologically Appropriate? Sounds like Hollywood gobbledygook to me. I doubt the gray wolf went around hunting for Cobb Chickens. I think he got the slow sheep first.

. acana1

The ingredients in the chicken meal sounds like a shopping list at a homeopathic pharmacist – I haven’t a clue what althea root is, not a clue! Doubt Dawg does either.

chicory root, turmeric, sarsaparilla root, althea root, rose hips, juniper berries….

And the list is long…kelp, catfish meal, deboned turkey and chicken (glad it’s deboned!)


Long story short, this experiment might be short-lived. I took what was left of her Wellness brand dry and mixed some of the new in it so she’d not stick up her nose completely – (Wellness the lighter color kibble, Acana, the darker)


But this morning, I think she’s sending me a message………


She still likes my stew at least so I haven’t abandoned her completely!

More sticking snow this morning, at one point the flakes were coming down heavily, and sticking. It’ll be gone by this afternoon I suspect.

Happy Monday all around.

10 thoughts on “Mixin’ It Up for Dawg

  1. Steady snow is to last all day. Quite pretty for a January day but it’s April so it’s a depressing scene. Crummy, cold weather is to last all week. One never puts sweaters away in New England.

  2. Sounds to me like Acana just has to be produced by a California company. Maybe Whole Foods has a new pet line. Dawg will never go hungry as long as you’ve got her back.

  3. Since this post is about Dawg and since it is not the greatest weather outside today, here’s a great YouTube channel to watch (money per view) of people doing good work for needy animals:

    1. I was worried the whole time watching that the video would end with the Mom being euthanized since that’s how the vet started out the clip. Phew. Hooray. Great happy clip. I’ll let Dawg watch it later. She’s napping right now.

        1. I think most people would go into harms way to save pets than they would for people they don’t know. I love good pet stories – that’s why I can’t stand watching those SPCA ads on TV that seem to last forever, with every injured or sad dog. Breaks my heart.

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