I Get to Be A Princess for a Week!!

I’m always Queen for the Day but we JUST got word this morning that Cunard moved us from waitlist to Good To Go on our Queen Mary 2 transatlantic sail in October.

The Princess Grill suite

The circumstances of how we heard the good news were quite odd. This morning  at 8:44 I emailed the travel agent to whom we turned over the reservation, gently nudging her for any update on our status.

I didn’t hear back from her then at 10:09, an email binged in directly from Cunard (because don’t forget I called Cunard first) saying we were off the waitlist and even got our first choice of a suite midship. What a coincidence. Or ESP? I mean, I email the agent and within and hour, Cunard contacts us?

I decided it best to call the travel agent and she was just coming into the office at 10:15 (nice work if you can get it!) so she was reading my email and seeing the fax from Cunard as we spoke.

The decision to accept or decline has to be made within 24 hours so I wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page.

All very exciting news for us. Mr. EOS has to buy (or rent) himself a tux. I have to bring down from the upstairs closets a couple of long dresses. I have dig out my seasick bands from last boat trip (I’m a known a two-bag sailor). Once all the excitement sets in, then later we’ll make some decisions on what to do and where to go once we arrive in Southampton. A few days in London? I’m SURE if Wills and Kate know we will be in town, an invite will be extended to us for tea.

Very Happy Monday all around! Except damn, now it’s RAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      1. Congratulations on your good fortune! Your tenacity paid you a wonderful reward. My two suggestions if you are a first time cruiser would be to research on the internet for a clothing, gadget check list for your trip and to also choose and secure any excursions you may be taking. There are many websites that can coordinate your exact cruise with a tour or excursion. Have fun!

  1. Perhaps your room will have royal barf bags!

    The trip is on my bucket list too. Congratulations. Are we all coming to Brooklyn to wave Bon Voyage as you leave NY harbor?

  2. My mother “the orphan” was sent “home” to Edinburgh Scotland on the Queen Mary about 1918, after her NY & Colorado-based mother died of TB in 1917. Jamieson’s Dept Store in Trinidad, CO , now an art museum, is all that remains of the family there. See http://www.armitchellmuseum.com/about-the-museum.html

    Her father, post WWI in the Canadian Army, was being sent to Brazil by the Scottish cattle syndicate for whom he had worked since 1910 in cowboy country as a business agent. Grandfather and grandmother are the first two in this album:

    My mother’s dread of QM crossings never abated. Needless to say, she had no desire to see the Titanic movie.

    But hey, enjoy the QM2 cruise.

    1. Great family lore. Thanks for the links.

      As for me, I’m hoping that dread never enters my psyche with regard to this crossing.

  3. Now that’s exciting. Is that really what your room will look like? This is going to be one spectacular trip. We’ll expect FULL reporting. I think we should go down to the docks for the bon voyage, do we get a pre-departure tour of the ship if we do?

    1. Just off a bad experience of seeing photos of a house versus the reality, I too want to know if that’s really what our room will look like! When you Google the QM2 Princess Grill rooms there are two very different images. The one on the Cunard site I posted, and others with more old looking furniture and less chic bedding. I do know the ship has recently been retrofitted. I’m trying to get answers from our travel agent but so far she doesn’t know.

      Do ships still allow visitors aboard to say goodbye? I remember doing that a few times years ago (pre 9/11) but I bet nowadays no one gets on the ship without a ticket. I’ll ask because it would be fun to have a gaggle as we sail away.

      1. http://www.cunard.com/cunard-experience/media-centre/press-releases/cunard-flagship-queen-mary-2-to-undergo-major-refurbishment-in-early-summer-2016-befitting-the-worlds-most-iconic-ocean-liner-/
        The ship will get a re-do soon, the end of next month. So I guess you’ll have to wait until after that to get the “real” picture.
        Did you see for April Fool’s Day Cunard said they were going to paint the ship green back to it’s original shade?? ha ha

        1. What’s deceiving is that the photos of the Queens Grill and the Princess Grill are scarily similar on the website even though the Queens Grill is another level more expensive. As you said, we might have to wait to see. Our luck, our room will be the only one NOT redone. Gotta stay positive I guess.

        2. I did not see about the April Fools joke. Good one. What was not good was the Cunard website was down for days on end, with Twitter complaints several times a day.

  4. Tell Mr EOS to buy a tux, not rent one. And to buy a good one, and have it expertly tailored. Also … quality shirt (s). If he’ll do a wing collar, so much the better, as wing collars flatter everyone. Seriously. Does anyone remember being a young bridesmaid, and marching down the aisle on the wedding day so hung over that even your hair hurt? Meanwhile, the groomsmen, equally “under the weather,” looked like a million bucks, partly because a shave had pinked up their cheeks, but the starchy wing collar was equally important! P.S. There’s lots of fun to be had in cummerbund selection.

    1. My water just went spewing across the counter reading your comment about being a bridesmaid!!! I was a bridesmaid umpteen times, very few actual memories of the day!!!! 😀
      I like your premise of buying a tux. The last time he was duded up he was in tails, rented, and he wasn’t all that comfortable. One of the boys needed tails and found fabulous designer ones at a consignment shop!!! When a good old boy dies, often his clothes are hauled off to a hospital consignment shop.
      As for cumberbunds, back in the 60s deb party days, the wilder the better. Tons of needlepoint ones too. Time to think about all that yet but you’ve given me lots of food for thought. Thanks.

  5. IMO, you are quite right about consignment shops being a good place to look for high-quality tuxes and tails. But if second-hand is just not Mr EOS’s modus operandi, so be it.

    Beyond cummerbunds, another ancillary consideration: footwear. Well, if Mr EOS can stand patent leather dancing pumps, he probably already has them. I remember, as a child in the 50s, sobbing–literally– when my father left the house in them, deeply confused as to why he was wearing women’s shoes.

  6. If you’ve never tried it before, Antivert is a good prescription alternative to Dramamine.

    Had a First Lieutenant on our ship who was so mentally wrapped up in his sea sickness that he would start barfing as soon as he heard the ship’s horn and knew that we were off the pier.

  7. That’s terrific news. Nice that you heard early enough to plan your wardrobe and what do do once you get to Southampton. I’d skip tea with Kate & Wills in London, though. They don’t seem like a lot of fun.
    I’m hooked on a British real estate program called Escape to the Country which I watch on YouTube. The show features properties throughout the UK- England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales- at various price points. Each show has a segment illustrating a unique aspect of the area. Watch a few and you’re certain to find an area of the UK you’d like to explore.
    Buy the damn tux. I disagree on buying the best. You’re buying the convenience and the fit. I bet somewhere hidden away in a forgotten drawer are a set of onyx studs and cufflinks. There’s a place in VT which sells neat cummerbunds and ties. I’ll look for a link.
    Eat lots of crackers and look at the horizon if you feel seasick. Not sure what to do at night other than eat more crackers.
    The worst part for your readers is that you won’t be likely to keep your blog up to date while you sail the Atlantic.

    1. Cufflinks and studs we have plenty of. A cummerbund or two for sure around. My dad had a neat needlepoint set for his Xmas attire and I have his white jacket that one of the boys has worn. Lots to pick through and decide this summer.
      I’d love the link to the cummerbund site.
      NOTE: I’ve always spelled it cumberbund, not cummerbund. I think both are acceptable. You and RLRR prefer the double M spelling.

      Whatever we do in London will be simple and reasonably priced, and on terra firma!!

      I’m not really worried about being sick. My mother, who is equally sea-challenged, never felt sick aboard any liner she was on.

  8. The tuxedo situation is easily solved.
    Today’s WSJ has 50 things about spring, that features an online tuxedo rental service that provides everything, including the shoes!
    Decent men’s tuxedo shoes cost 250$ and are seldom worn. So going this way might make sense. Still, it will be crazy hard for MR. New Balance EOS to “rent.”
    Likely ALL of your fellow Cunard male passengers will be wearing ill fitting tuxes they have been squeezing into for decades.

  9. Smathers and Branson sells needlepoint cummerbunds, even a handsome salmon fishing motif one for Mr. EOS.

    Terrific news.

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