Spring is Springing 

The forsythia bushes are in full bloom and gorgeous. 

The cherry trees are ready to explode…..

The Russian Lavender is just sprouting green, the purple is a month off….

My lilacs looks sickly, very few buds and many branches with fully dead leaves. I have to Google what that problem could be. Grrrrrr

A handful of peonies are huge, others, the majority, are barely out of the ground.

Today was a bonus weather day -so warm and sunny I thought I was back in Florida. Dawg was on cloud nine basking. She loves Spring too. 

Hope you had a fabulous April 1!!!

3 thoughts on “Spring is Springing 

  1. Bonus day is the understatement. I was outside all day, played nine holes of golf and walked Guard Hill beginning to end.

    Our buyers have told us their closing date. June 20. We needed a date after school was out for the kids but not much longer after that so we aren’t STILL saying goodbyes and friends aren’t saying “you haven’t left yet”?!

    No gardening worries for us. We’re mowing the lawn and that’s about it. Leave the rest to the new owners!

    1. Catherine – we are all so envious of your move, the excitement of packing up and heading out West for a new adventure. Thrilled the closing date works, even nicer you can say goodbye to tedious gardening chores forever. Life is good.

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