Hello and Goodbye Daytona Beach

My bus service back to Orlando Airport leaves from Daytona Beach so we got the chance to drive by The Speedway before dawn, lit up like Broadway, an imposingly enormous building that kept going and going and going.   

Then reality, me and 50 other Florida seniors hopping aboard our private airport limo. 😀😀 And here I thought being in Florida, I’d WIN last night’s PB $115m jackpot. I even bought the ticket at 7-11, where so many winners come from. Nope. 

The bus is actually remarkably nice, footrests, power outlets, big seats. Can’t complain. Next limo, JetBlue. 


2 thoughts on “Hello and Goodbye Daytona Beach

    1. That’s what I’ve heard!!!!! Oh boo. I texted my hosts to tell them I am safely at Orlando Airport, checked in and at the gate, they texted back that they were walking the beach. OUCH!!!

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