Geography Exam: Name This Inlet

Okay map geeks, help me. Seen less than ten minutes out of landing at White Plains airport. Left side of plane.  


No surprise that reader chris was right:

Port Jefferson:


Our flight path was along the shores of North Carolina up, to about New Jersey Egg harbor, then we banked right out across Fire Island then banked left over Port Jefferson and through the Slossen Cut-ff to White Plains.  We were low enough the whole trip to see coastlines of every state. I can’t think of another flight where we haven’t been up above the clouds. This was extraordinary.

16 thoughts on “Geography Exam: Name This Inlet

  1. Being a regular Jet Blue customer on the HPN inbound from Florida, I like the right side because the route hugs the coastline, and you get to learn all the great beaches and islands along the way. (Secret. If you take your cell phone off airplane mode and hold it near the window, you can track your route in google maps. Then you won;t have to blog question what you saw.)

    With northerly winds, the route flies down the middle of L I Sound from Charles Island in Milford all the way to the Byram River. Then a right turn is executed as the planes line up for landing parallel to the State line.

    I was the surveyor for the re-alignment of the airspace about 1997 (representing Brunswick School), which due to litigation won by Connecticut had to move west and avoid flying through Greenwich altogether.

    The latest installment of the same battle is

    1. EI: by dumb luck my seat on the left was the perfect choice. We flew just off shore so I saw the coastline from about North Carolina up. I took several photos of mystery islands and inlets and long stretches of coastline too. I would have posted more of those photos in my thread but they were lousier than my usual lousy. I did hold the iPhone camera up to the window but I don’t have the technique down like you.
      When I click reply here I’m going to read the NYT article you linked.

    2. The Times article was incredibly informative and news to me. I had no idea tall trees were an issue. Glad Greenwich is standing firm on the issue!!!

      1. This was actually the first job and inspiration for the name Earth Image. The airport lost their suit against the CT owners, and was forced to move the airspace westward – toward and over the Quaker Cemetery in Purchase, with its own set of 100 ft plus towering trees.

        The Quakers buried without embalming in pine boxes under majestic oaks and pines – all producing and thriving in very acid soils. The Quakers had move headstones around many time, but not bodies. So they called Earth Image to you know, image their earth.

        After a couple of centuries there is nothing left of old Quakers, except their remains taken up in flowers and trees under the Jetway. So the airport got their way, chopping down some Quakers.

        Because Greenwich CT was not a party with standing in the FAA legal action, they sued to keep the planes and the problems out of Town and out of State, despite their common use of the airport.

        Planes coming from the west and landing northbound fly over your house (you knew that), down the Mianus Gorge and Bargh Reservoir through Stamford to Long Island Sound. They continue this 270 degree right turn, lining up for the normal State Line glide into HPN runway 34, having a compass heading of 340 degrees.

        1. Your breadth and depth of knowledge on so many subjects continues to awe me. I love when you add so much content to my otherwise shallow blog posts.

          As for planes landing over me, Jet Blue is the only one that flies PERPENDICULAR to the house. The others are parallel as they land. Lately they’ve all been a few degrees left or right of me but not last night, my overhead skylane was busy!

  2. We left Florida just in time to avoid the FIOS disaster:

    Just as I am trying to file taxes by Turbo Tax and leave for the airport with a home-printed boarding pass, Verizon pulls the plug on the whole state, having sold out to Frontier.

    What was confusing was you saw your router working, but FIOS forgot to tell Frontier about your individual account. Of course, less than 100 affected parties knew enough to call Frontier rather than Verizon.

        1. “this is not the result we intended”!! Do you suppose Frontier had to hire a PR form for that pearl of wisdom??? Better a late apology than never one.

  3. What genius designed the Calif., Texas and Florida take-over of Verizon FIOS for a Friday morning on the first day of a new calendar quarter?

    What could possibly go wrong?

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