What Do You Mean Dogs Aren’t Allowed on the Beach???

Lucy. The second best dog in the land. The best dog in Florida.   

6 thoughts on “What Do You Mean Dogs Aren’t Allowed on the Beach???

    1. Lucy drives to Florida. Tom and Diana have a cabin in NC so they trek from Iowa in one leg with Lucy, hang out there then drive the 8 hours to here. They stop many times along the way for Lucy and she loves it. Dawg would throw up the first two miles. They are lucky Lucy loves to be in the car!!!!!

    1. Right. I agree! It’s because humans are so irresponsible by not picking up after their dog poops. I think also, there are so many children and cars and distractions on this beach it might scare enough dogs to react badly. But Lucy is so sweet and her parents pick up after her, she and she alone should have beach privileges.
      Next, let’s talk about motorcycle race week here. And how house owners feel about renting to “that crowd”.

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