Pelicans, Briefly

Capturing photos of soaring pelicans is harder than I thought. They aren’t there, then they are. In other words, I was never quite ready. 

What confused me as the pelicans were always flying over buildings. Not the ocean. Aren’t they fish eaters?? EarthImage??

Our morning walk on a spectacular sunny day is in the log books. Back for Indian River grapefruit and more caffeine to fuel the body. I’m going to hate to leave tomorrow. Hate. 

4 thoughts on “Pelicans, Briefly

  1. Excuse the snarky explanation, but I think they fly wherever they want. If the photographer is in or near the buildings, that’s where the photograph finds them.

    However, on my walks in the first hour of daylight, I observe them hunting in pairs. They smack the water with such force at the end of their dive that they stun the fish near the surface. Like dynamite charges set off in milli-second delays, they hit the water with a similar one-two punch – and he & she (one presumes) feed happily together.

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