More Oy Vey Than Olé

Hankering for fish tacos, we went over to The Taco Shack, a local haunt that has gotten rave reviews. Long lines enticed us and we asked those in front of us what to order and how.  Diana and I settled on flying fish tacos and Tom ordered the Shack Taco plate, three, each with a different meat.

Those Iowan farmers… friends ever!!!!!

A girl and her pet parrot…. Sure, don’t we all take our pet parrot for tacos?? 

One beak belongs to the parrot!!!!! 

Oh sweetie, no. Just no.

Almost everyone in line with us took the food to go. We did too. And that was a rookie mistake.

We got home without any hot sauce or salsa (guess you have to ask for it) and the taco shells were soggy and overall the tacos were bland. C- at best. But fun to get out.

Diana and I had the flying fish plate that came with two tacos and rice with beans.

Tom had three hard shell tacos – one pork, one beef, one chicken. His review “meh”.

Going to walk this off later. Just now hearing the news that Patty Duke died. Oh dear.

12 thoughts on “More Oy Vey Than Olé

  1. Those tacos look awful. I looked up the place and the reviews have to be from people who’ve never eaten a real taco. The good news is it couldn’t (or shouldn’t) have set you back more than $10 total.

    The beach is so walkable. The weather map looks like you are going to have thunderstorms tonight.

    Will your real estate Wednesday be oceanfront cottages?

    1. $9 and change. Live and learn. We says the same thing about the reviews. No one has had a good taco I guess.

      Stay tuned about real estate!

  2. We spent a week on new Smyrna beach in Feb. Do you like raw oysters? We found a great pub called Off the Hook. Sat and Sun the oysters are 12/$9, a great deal. They were delicious! Bibi

  3. Maybe you went to the wrong pickup counter for your tacos? I noticed that Kitty’s Dog grooming is next door!! 😳😀😁

  4. I gave you the best fish taco recipe😉 They’re on our menu for our last night 😓 Here. I might venture to Off the Hook on the way home–love oysters! Once again we nearly bought a house down here–this one had a 75′ trex Dock but the house we didn’t love. Maybe next year… Well that’s my update from south Florida 🌴

    1. You did give me a great recipe that I have used but I’m on vacation so no cooking for me!
      I can see you having a house in Florida given the amount of time you ate there. Keep us posted!!!!!

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