Early to Bed. Early to Rise. 

That seems to be the Florida mantra. Everyone and their cousin is out beach walking before 8am, the norm for my hosts too so I went along! Stunningly fabulous flat and wide walking beach. 

Some run. Some bike. Some do TaiChi. Some fish.    

We walked, more than a mosey and less than a trot. Already three miles so far for us girls. Tom logs close to 15 miles by the end of the day. 

Tom is off to a better start than I!!  

I’m bringing my camera out for this afternoon because I’ve been told by many my iPhone photos are woefully out of focus. [taichi photo!]

Have a great Tuesday. I am!!!

6 thoughts on “Early to Bed. Early to Rise. 

  1. I recently switched to the 12 mega-pixel iPhone 6S, and found the camera is a bit slow to focus.

    It also records video with each shot, which I don’t know how to suppress. The effect is great for wildlife shots, where you just miss the action in the still shot, but have the whole motion in video.

    Thanks for the beach photos. You can stream WQXR or WNYC on your phone while walking the beach, and keep yourself mentally in NY while enjoying the best of FL ambiance.

    1. For me, the out of focus iPhone photos are operator related. I move the camera AS I take the photo. Duh. I have a lowly iPhone 5.
      We’ve been chatting while walking. Most everyone else has earphones on.
      This is the life!!

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