Here I Am!!!!

NOT!!! Thankfully not. Just joshing.

I’m in New Smyrna Beach, hanging out on an incredible stretch of beach that never ends. My hosts are even kind enough to rent a house ON the beach! Thank you!!!  

Cloudy so far all day but no rain, yet. We’re on our way out to dinner, held off til 5:30 even! 



10 thoughts on “Here I Am!!!!

    1. We talked about The Villages while at dinner and the that very subject was addressed. We all had a good laugh. Mr. EOS said being at The Villages would be like being on a landlocked Carnival Cruise! 😀

      1. The new Gravatar was just a change of pace (thought the last one was a tad pretentious) for something graphically interesting, yet, obscure (I don’t even know how to scan them – nor do I care)

  1. 5:30 dinner, you already on that early bird special schedule they have down there in FL?

    1. So right. We went out at 6’ish and the restaurant was so mobbed we had a half hour wait. The people leaving to make room for us weren’t exactly spring chickens. When we left the restaurant at just before 8, the young’uns were queued up for dinner outside.
      I do believe I was in bed by 9. That isn’t my norm at home but when in Florida….

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