Full Moon

Leave it to SoundBeacher to outdo the sunrise and sunset photos with a Full Moon edition!

Before I post the SB photos, I’d like to take this moment to wish those of you who celebrate Easter a joyous time with family, friends, good food, and of course, a time to reflect at church. This post will sit for the weekend and I’ll return early Monday morning as I wend my way to Florida!

Now, back to words and photos by SoundBeacher

In keeping with the sunrise and sunset from last weeks submission.  This past Wednesday was a Full Moon and It was an Illusion Moon and there was a Penumbral lunar eclipse.
This is the what is called an Illusion Moon. It looks so large and the color was so red and the camera doesn’t even capture what the eye was seeing.
The actual moon was glowing and the light it cast along the water was very orange
There was a glow of orange all around the moon and it lasted a long time, it’s not visible in each photo.  It was amazing to see with your own eye, tho! You can even see the Man in the Moon Face in this shot.
Thanks to SB for all the efforts here. FYI SB, I posted one of your moon photos on the Weasel Zipper Friday Open Thread.  [with credit to you, of course!] Enjoy the praise, as there is lots of it! NB: For anyone who doesn’t know WZ and the Friday Open Threads, be forewarned anything, and I mean anything, goes and there are often close to 1000 comments in that one thread alone. Finding mine can take a while and might mean heavy scrolling. I posted it fairly early so it might be easiest to search by Oldest First from the drop-down.


12 thoughts on “Full Moon

  1. I’m on my way to California to spend Easter and the following week with my grandchildren. The full moon photos are incredible – SB needs to have a calendar, or at minimum the cover of the EOS 2017 calendar.

    Happy Easter everyone. Safe travels to anyone else in the air or on the road.

  2. My yard is too heavily treed to see the moon in all its glory. Thanks to SB for bringing it to me.

    We’re hosting 20 for dinner Sunday. If you don’t hear from me Monday, I’m in recovery from family overload.

    Happy Easter.

  3. Did you already tell us where in Florida you are going? Bring an umbrella. This is rainy season.

    1. To you as well. Did Idaho get any of the snow that both Canada and Colorado got? My Canadian friends got whomped with an ice storm.
      Wishing you a happy Easter and Spring.

  4. Happy Easter. We’re home, back in Bedford late last night after two delayed flights because of the snow in Denver. To add insult to injury, we had no heat when we walked in the door. Thankfully no pipes burst and John was able to restart the furnace to get us warm overnight.

    Church for us at 10 then neighbors have included us in their Easter lunch so I don’t even have to cook!

    1. Welcome home, but soon enough home will be Jackson Hole. You’ll have to get used to saying that.

      Lucky lucky lucky your pipes didn’t burst. It hasn’t exactly been warm here. Not 8 degrees but not 58 either.

      Happy Easter to all of you.

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