There’s So Much Going On in This Photo, It’s Hard to Know Where to Start!


There’s the obvious, that Obama is doing the tango, which begs my first question, How much did he have to pay for the Arthur Murray private lessons back in DC? No way no how a dance with the tango expert wasn’t pre-planned months ago so in-between poring through binders of Supreme Count nominees, he had tango lessons? Sigh #1.

Then there’s Michelle, dancing in the dark corner, not dancing with her husband. For that, I give her high marks. So no huge sigh here. I do wonder if she (a) can’t dance or (b) she actually has some humility? In this instance, I’ll say B because we’ve seen her dance on The Ellen Show one too many times. THAT deserves a sigh.

Now look at the left corner of the photo. That’s Valerie Jarrett hootin’ ‘n hollerin’ at the president – you go boy, me next?? 

Here, with the famous Obama smirk, a penny for your thoughts Barack???


5 thoughts on “There’s So Much Going On in This Photo, It’s Hard to Know Where to Start!

    1. It’s hard for me to understand why Obama would want to do this on a public stage. Maybe, maybe, maybe, he and Michelle take tango lessons at home and do this privately in their hotel suite, but at the state dinner? No.

  1. Thank you for not posting the video of this embarrassment. What’s next for Barack, Dancing with the Stars?

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