The Reality of the $15/hr Wage 

A row of five checkout spaces at Target used to be MANNED registers for those shoppers with fewer than x/items. Now, all self checkout. 

What happened to the employees hired to be clerks at the once manned registers? Can you say unemployed? 

11 thoughts on “The Reality of the $15/hr Wage 

  1. Cuomo thinks he’ll be president one day so he’s going the full liberal platform. His voice is why God invented the mute button.

    Happy Easter.

    1. Ha! So true about Cuomo’s voice. The ad he does for this $15/hr wage, every sentence his voice gets higher pitched and louder. I mute. Dawg runs under the sofa.

      Happy Easter to you and yours too.

    1. Williamson is a loud #NeverTrump voice and if he could, I think he’d blame Trump for Jesus being nailed to the cross. WaPo blamed the Brussels attack on Trump. Oy.

        1. You are just learning how thin-skinned conservatives can be? Too much sun in California getting to you? The conservatives whine like the best of them.

          I don’t follow Paglia’s columns to know what her political stance is and figured if she’s at Salon, she can’t be writing anything I’d like to read. Nice surprise I am wrong. Thanks for the link.

  2. I was just at the Norwalk Home Depot. The “self checkout” lines were busy, the two functioning human-manned checkouts were only sparsely occupied. I chose the latter as I’m an old fashioned type.
    Relative to Cuomo, not only is his voice that of an agitated iguana in heat, but he looks much like a “Planet of the Apes” casting reject.

    1. We switched over to Lowes (even though we own HD stock!) because of that very reason – HD check out lines are always a pain – never enough manned. I’m getting better with the self-checkout lines and I might have done it at Target today except at the very moment I was thinking, a cashier opened and said, I can take you ma’am. My decision was made for me.

      Cuomo makes my skin crawl……

  3. Those Big Box stores are too big for me who doesn’t enjoy shopping in the first place. And, when I DO find something I need or want, I’m not going to a self check check-out. If a manned ( oops, personned) line is too long, I’ve been known to leave my cart and bail.
    We’re lucky to have a proper customer friendly hardware store in town. It doesn’t sell plants, curtains, appliances or furniture. It sells hardware, lumber and building materials. Closed on Sundays but has free popcorn on Saturdays. The way things used to be.
    When we spent a lot of time in NH/VT, we’d often go to Dan & Whit’s in Norwich, VT for odd stuff. Mostly odd for we had an old house for which new hardware didn’t work. Didn’t sell lumber but just about everything else. Something to be said for genuine country stores but they’re few and far between even in northern New England these days.

    1. Totally agree and I do my best to shop at Bedford Hardware here and Humphrey’s Lumber in RI. But there are times when a big box store is the only answer, with the exception of Walmart. There’s nothing ever that I’d need badly enough to go in a Walmart ever again. I went into one when I was in North Carolina because I packed for warm and it was cold and it was the closest place where I was sure I could find a light jacket. I was in and out in record time. There’s another store where there aren’t enough manned registers – waaaaay too much bother for me.

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