Damn, Another Great One Bites the Dust

Garry Shandling died today, at age 66. So effing young. GULP.


The obit says “undisclosed cause of death” and look, here he is just four days ago with Kathy Griffin, via her Twitter account.


He doesn’t look like he’s on death’s door to me.

Some of his laugh-hardy quotes:

I’m too shy to express my sexual needs except over the phone to people I don’t know.
I’m dating a woman now who, evidently, is unaware of it.
I once made love for an hour and fifteen minutes, but it was the night the clocks are set ahead.


The Wall Street Journal has linked to Garry’s first appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, 1981. Classic Garry.

I don’t know a thing about his personal life – married single gay or straight, and it’s of no relevance, just tough to see him gone at age 66.

Ken Howard died this week too, he from White Shadow fame, only age 71. What’s happening?

21 thoughts on “Damn, Another Great One Bites the Dust

  1. Garry didn’t look well to me in the most recent photos. He was quite bloated like you get when taking some medicines. If he knew he was dying more power to him for keeping it to himself and going out and about til he could no more. Thanks for posting the Carson video. I remember that as if it were yesterday.

    Joe Garagiola died too, but he was 90, not 66. Still, I liked Joe a lot and he was respected in both the sports and TV arenas.

    1. I missed the whole Larry Sanders Show. I’m not sure why unless I was busy raising children. What years did the show run?

      BTW, I OWN a garden weasel! 🙂

      1. 1992-1998. It was interesting to see Rip Torn who I only had heard of as some ’50s matinee idol. On Twitter they’re all saying how amazing it is the Rip outlasted Gary.

        1. Lots of Tweets for Garry. Just between you and me, I’d rather people tell me how great I am when I’m alive. Dead, I’m not going to know and Twitter is such a phony way of saying Rest in Peace or #I❤Brussells. You get my drift. Rip Torn did the game show circuit for a while, like a lot of comics who needed to stay in the public eye even though their careers were fading. Do you know Rip Torn’s real name? Your time starts now…..

        2. EOS- I don’t think Rip Torn ever did game shows. You’re confusing him with a comic who often played drunk and whose name I can’t think of now.

        3. The Cincinnati Kid had a brilliant cast, almost all of whom are now dead as a doornail.
          Steve McQueen
          Karl Malden
          Edward G. Robinson
          Joan Blondell
          Jack Weston
          etc etc.

          Rip Torn and Tuesday Weld are hanging in there from that cast. And Ann-Margret. Good clip.

  2. I was in college when the Larry Sanders Show started and spent more time than I care to admit watching it. I became a huge Jeffrey Tambor fan because of Garry. They were very funny together. I didn’t know Garry from his stand up which I can see from the Carson clip is too bad for me.

    1. But are you younger than springtime?? 🙂

      Jeffrey Tambor is really talented with a range of comedic skills. I haven’t seen him in the role he’s taken on now, a transgender.

        1. You are old??? I waver in trying to profile you. Some days I worry that you are 12 and skipping school a lot to post links here and at FWIW. Then I think maybe you are my age, close to retirement so plenty of time to kick back and enjoy everything. No matter chris, you are a wonderful addition here.
          PS:Hill street Blues remains one of my all time favorite shows. That and St. Elsewhere.

    1. I did not know that, nor anything that I read in the People article. I do like that Ken had a 60 acre farm in NE Connecticut. He gets high marks from me for that alone.

  3. Footage is floating around today of Garry Shandling and Jerry Seinfeld in Jerry’s Riding in Cars series. The conversation is Garry being shocked at Robin Williams’s death at age 63. I can’t find the clip to link it but it’s spooky.

    We didn’t have HBO back in the day Larry Sanders Show ran. That’s why we didn’t see it and might be the same reason you didn’t see it.

    Happy Easter weekend.

      1. I saw that on TV this morning and sat speechless, in tears.

        Damn, life is fleeting. You never know. Go hug your spouse and kids. And remember to always say I Love You.

        Thank you so much for posting that.

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