Water Water Everywhere. Except Here.


I’ve been having serious well problems over the last year, and after getting three well company proposals, I settled on Interstate out of Greenwich (thanks to a tip by Cobra). Logical readers would ask, so why are you still having problems?

Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, you see, I was penny wise and pound foolish about the problem. I thought, stupidly so in hindsight, that I could get by without the large outlay of money by just replacing the whole house water filters more often.

Let me back up – the problem is that the well pump is too low in the ground and seems to attract all the silt and mud that’s in the earth at a pace that filters are clogged within days.


The above filter was replaced Sunday….SUNDAY, just two days ago. It’s hard to tell from this photo because it’s now dried out, but the sand-like substance on the filter was so thick the filter was stuck in the casing, so badly that I needed to take a saw blade to loosen the filter sides before it would even budge. The filter housing rim is pretty destroyed from banging it up against something hard (my head!) to make the filter come out so I looked at replacing the entire Pentek casing and found they are quite reasonable. But after replacing the filter, the pressure went back up to 60, I ordered another dozen filters, and thought I was good to go. Ha ha ha.

I left myself a note to call Interstate yesterday because I knew the problem was reaching epic proportions and I shouldn’t wait any longer to resolve it.


Fast forward to this morning: Shower water seemed a bit low pressure. Flushed toilet to huge thud, as if air was in the system. Came in to make coffee, turned the kitchen faucet on and I got dribblage.

Checked the pressure gauge. Zero again.

So, at long last, I called Interstate. Told them I was a bad bad very bad girl for not having this done last year and asked if they could come today!!! I’m going to do it all today – raising the pump, install a pre-filter on the well tank which should capture the majority of what comes out of the well pit (which should be greatly reduced by lifting up the pump X#/feet). I hope they can also replace the Pentek housing but they might not keep those in stock. It’s not just as simple as replacing the unit because mine is so old it has a metal top and of course, NOW the units have a plastic top and the blue housing screw threads do not match. Ha ha. Gotcha.

I had planned to be gone all day. Guess not. I’ll keep you in the loop.



Interstate is here. Yay! The first problem is that they think there is a problem with the well pump. It only intermittently receives power, even when there’s power to it.

I suspect today all they will be able to do is get me up and running until a day they can schedule me to raise the well pump. I’m okay with that.

UPDATE 2 @ 12:49

That was fast. Yes, the well pump is shot. They are HOPING to get back here by the end of the day to get me back up and running but I was told our guys are busy on a really big job so it could be tomorrow morning. Okay, I can deal with that. I had planned to be out today and stop at supermarket so I’ll have to do that now and add to the top of the shopping list, Jugs O’Water. I won’t need a basement full of water bottles, just a couple to get me through until tomorrow. Making progress.

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  1. You need to live in the city with city water. You country bumpkins and your well water. Crazy.

      1. Touché.

        You are in good hands with Interstate. They are my sister’s default well repair team for her house in Greenwich and she gives them high marks.

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