H2O to Go

Four+ hours of workmen, not bad at all.


The Upzdazy Pump Puller, really, that’s what it’s called


Dawg helping

The water isn’t drinkable yet because as I mentioned earlier, they are required to put chlorine in the well. He did run some water out of a hose attached to the water tank to see how dirty is was and it was remarkably clean. He handed me some water test packets and said:

Tomorrow, put a teaspoon of water in a cup and add the tablet. If the water turns pink…..

Me:…..it means I’m pregnant??? [ba-dum-dum]

I’m not sure if he thought he should laugh or run for the hills, but darn, in my own mind it was one of the best punch lines ever. High five me!

I’m calling done for the day, got myself ready to sit back and watch Jeopardy…nope…. an extended ABC Evening News re Brussels is preempting Jeopardy.


9 thoughts on “H2O to Go

    1. Before I fluish, I going around the house and taking off the aerators at the tips of the faucets and running a few of them. There’s still some residual air in the line. I can smell the chlorine.

  1. Glad to see my yard isn’t the only one strewn with winter limb debris.

    I bet the kid thought your comeback was hysterical but was afraid to laugh out of fear of today’s harassment laws.

    1. Oh dear, you noticed my yard is a minefield of downed branches? I’ve cleaned up some of the back and the side, but haven’t made it to the front.

      I wondered if I offended the boy somehow after I blurted out my one-liner. He smiled, wasn’t sure what to do or say next, so I changed the subject and let him finish telling me what I should do with the tablet.

  2. Congrats on the repair/upgrade – one less thing to worry about until the next thing comes up.

    I was looking for a video that showed pre-Castro Cuba (compared to the bombed out Beirut image behind the rusted out ’58 Chevy we usually see). I don’t know why so many countries in South America have histories that are so full of promise for the future, yet devolve into dictatorships, rife with stagnation and poverty – and – if that’s the direction we’re headed?

  3. I liked your comeback. Although, yesterday my husband and I were taking our little guy (5) to meet a dolphin and the lady said “will you be going with him, or grandma?” To my husband 😱 Hubby ignored it, as we were discussing who should go with the 5 yo, and who should go watch the 10 yo swimming with the Dolphins. In the meantime, she said, “any trouble standing on your own, or kneeling and getting up? Obviously, no one is pregnant….” At which point, we had decided my husband would go….but, gee! She totally thought I was the gran, and it’s not the first time😩

    1. Oh dear. That’s much worse than me being without water. That’s the kind of situation that calls for some quick thinking that would have thrown that stupid lady totally off guard. I can’t think of a retort now, nor could I have had it happened to me but still you get my point. Have a drink on me. Or two!

  4. Ugh. Kinda like the first couple of times I was addressed as “Ma’am” ……. after all those years of being “Miss.” Now it’s ma’am ALL the time. Sigh.

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