Good Thing I’ve Already Showered This Month


Interstate is back with two guys and two vans and they are waiting for their well driller truck. But it’s not all good news.

I got the new estimate for lifting out the old and installing the new pump to a higher position in the ground….it is what I expected, but it still stings.

They say I will have water back up today, after several hours of their labor, but it won’t be potable water for a few days yet.

There was conversation about putting chlorine in the system, to make sure there aren’t any germs in the well water. Hmmm, that’s interesting. I don’t have any recollection of ever putting chlorine in the well when it was drilled, but I could have just not remembered. So, I was told I could shower, but I’d best not drink this new water yet, and for sure not to do any dark laundry.

Once the new well pump is in place, they’ll come back and add the new filters etc. Fun fun fun til daddy puts the T-bird away?

9 thoughts on “Good Thing I’ve Already Showered This Month

    1. Your poor Californians – it’s either drought or torrential rains or earthquakes or Governor Brown. I know the weather is nice, but tell me again, beyond that, why do you want to live there?

      1. Hard to say and I ask myself that often as I watch this state deteriorate from what it was like in the ’60s. I will admit, I love the weather 😎

        1. I can appreciate that. One of my boys lived in Santa Monica then got a better job in Santa Barbara. I admit to loving those visits. I could easily live in SBA but I complain about how expensive New York and Westchester County is so there’s no way I could afford an even an outhouse in SBA.

  1. Well, very sorry for your water shortage, brief, as it might be. Can you still make ice?

    And Catherine, your new webcam is fun!
    So so far away from Park Avenue office buildings cam, Greenwich Avenue cam, Sunnyfield Farm cam, and intersection of Routes 172/22 cam!!! Ha.

    You should post a pic of the Antler Arch!

    1. the first thing I did was turn OFF the ice maker. I didn’t want the SubZ to call for cubes and get ones that are laced with chlorine.

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