The Very Quiet Snow

It’s ultra beautiful this morning – all the trees have little cotton balls of snow on them but the roads are clean. Both public and private schools are on vacation so not a soul is on the road. Heavenly. Dawg looked confused going out this morning, as if to say, hey, I thought we were done with this stuff. 

The chimenea looks like its sporting a coat and hat and the patio furniture, with the cushions still in place, might need a day or two to melt and dry off.



I’ll report back with Rhode Island accumulation amounts (and Swanton, if you are around, let us know if this got to your hometown).

Otherwise, Happy Monday.


10 thoughts on “The Very Quiet Snow

  1. Within the last hour the snow has turned from heavy to light to medium. Typical bands of snow. Should be over by noon according to weather people. There is very little wind.

  2. The snowstorm is a dud here as well. Perhaps 3-4″ has fallen. Snow is now small, light flakes. The sky is brightening.

  3. I spoke too soon. Another band has come through and moderate snow is coming in from the northeast. Wind has picked up a little as well. Still not enough accumulation to worry about.
    Haven’t heard a plow nor a car all morning.

    1. From the northeast? That’s usually the harshest band. Around here, because schools are all out on vacation, plows don’t bother. That’s a good thing.

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