A Vintage Memento from Cuba

My grandparents traveled to Cuba in 1953 (my mother doesn’t seem to remember how they traveled there or with whom) but I do remember hearing stories from my grandmother of how gorgeous an island it was, and how posh the hotels were.

I’m not sure how on earth this one maraca remained in my possession from so long ago, nor do I know if it was originally one of two, but the fact that it survived a zillion moves, unscathed, makes it that much more treasured to me. It looks hand-carved, and because it was 1953, I’m sticking with that idea.



One thing is for sure, Obama’s Cuba souvenirs won’t be anywhere near as cool as this.

UPDATE: Here’s Obama in Cuba today, thinking, They Love me, they really love me. 


20 thoughts on “A Vintage Memento from Cuba

  1. Obama’s Cuba souvenirs? He’s legacy shopping, that’s all. I heard Bill Clinton did ask Barack to get him some good Cuban cigars, but Hillary nixed the idea.

    Any photos from the 1953 trip?

    1. No photos that I can dig up now but I have this faint recollection of the two of them standing in front of some Havana hotel. So far, I can’t find anyone in the family who can pull up more details of how they got there and where they stayed and who they went with.

      My cousin reads this blog so, L, if you know anything, if your grandmother told you any details, or if you Uncle M remembers, or your mom, holler.

      As for the reason for Obama’s trip, agree about the legacy shopping.

    1. Awful. Awful.

      I’m reading now that Google has ‘agreed’ to wire the island for internet. But hey genius Obama, are Americans now going to start subsidizing Cuban citizens to pay for that internet? I bet that’s the next ball to drop.

      1. Everything is wrong about this trip. I can’t even begin to count the ways all Obama’s image-making irritates me. The photo that troubled me the most so far was Obama in the official Obamamobile, the black bullet proof limo parading past a row of beaters that couldn’t chase him a half-mile. It was very “in your face”.

        So was this

  2. An AP reporter shares the collective awe his fellow reporters have of Obama standing with Che. #journalismisdead

    1. Dana Perino on The Five opined that the photo was either a colossal ‘Mission Accomplished’ mistake by the White House or on purpose – no in between. I’m no political pundit, but there’s no way the White House orchestrated that photo op for any other reason than specifically to have Che in the background.

      1. I’m not watching The Five but I agree with Dana that THIS was Obama’s defining moment – the photo op of all photo ops. On purpose, no accident, like oops, look whose mural is behind us? ValJar had this planned way in advance, or let me rephrase that, Beyonce and JZ had this planned out in advance for ValJar to instruct the O’s.

  3. Obama has said and done a lot of horrible things during his term in office, but what he’s saying in Cuba today is beyond the pale. I have cut and paste exact words or headlines posted today. I am not making this sh** up folks. This is YOUR president.

    Example #1: Obama: We Have A Lot To Learn From Cuba About Human Rights
    Example #2: Obama Says U.S Is Open To Castro’s Critiques Of American Culture
    Example #3: Obama praises Cuba’s passion for liberty
    Example #4: Obama Failed To Bring Up Cuba Harboring American Criminals like Joanne Chesimard

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