Architectural Digest Design Show

Saying I’ll meet you at the front entrance proved to be a mistake – there were TWO entrances – Pier 92 and 94.


First I had to find the parking – the signs weren’t exactly stellar but when I spied a blonde in a Mercedes station wagon with NJ plates, I KNEW she was going to the show so I followed her. Perfect. Not so perfect = parking was $35, for up on the roof.


Badges scanned. Free tote for brochures and cards, done. First booth up really caught our attention. Yes please to both the sofa and the leather ottoman. Velvet seems to have made a comeback as many many furniture booths showcased velvet upholstery – in all very rich colors – from deep purple, to rich deep yellow to orange.


Lots of glass – from chandeliers to bottles to glass top tables –


I could SERIOUSLY do this blue globe in the front foyer.
Glass rope and nifty furniture with cement and wood.

Lucky enough to know this guy who owns Knuckle on Bone who crafted the cement and wood furniture. Very talented and a good eye for lines. Photo is so bad because (a) it’s out of focus! and (b) because he was being interviewed and there were huge camera lights on him


Stunning oak table – a cool $16k, which as jaded New Yorkers we thought seems realistic.


Woman caught scratching her butt.


A simple and beautifully crafted bench. A cross between Shaker and Amish style.


Everyone stopped at this booth to touch and sit in the hide chairs – not sure which hide….


Rugs from all over the world – all gorgeous colors.

The center of the whole show was all the appliance booths – from Viking to Dacor to Aga, ILVE, La Cornue – you name it, it was there. The Viking guy was telling us that the CEO of their parent company has been buying up all kinds of competitors brands -and started to tell us another brand he was in negotiations with when his boss gave him the axe sign – he must have been telling us too much. It was kinda funny because we SAW the axe sign and figured the rep talking to us was sick of saying the same old thing and wanted to tell us more.

Color was the theme in appliances too – not just velvet furniture.


The brand ILVE, from Italy had every color under the sun. This blue was stunning.


This company, smeg, wins for the ugliest appliances and the worst company name!

The polar opposite to smeg is La Cornue and this gem, customizable in many finishes and colors and components, comes in at a breezy $135k. Of course, the kitchen you’d need to have to fit this puppy in would come in a little higher than $135k! 🙂


The Winner of I Must Have One of These Because Live in Greenwich Award…..The WineStation by Dacor. The Dacor rep has NO sense of humor when I asked him if the machine would refuse to accept my $4 bottle of Cote du Rhone. He didn’t even crack a smile. Loooooser.


One of the largest booths in the center was taken by a barbecue manufacturer out of Kalamazoo – all American made, gorgeous – my photos here stink – but they had BBQ, smokers, pizza ovens – you name it. Beautifully crafted. I coveted the smoker.


This particular BBQ was both gas and wood but the coolest thing were the different grill plates – one for meat, one for veggies, and one for fish (left to right). Nothing inexpensive at Kalamazoo but nice to see such quality American made products front and center at the show.


For the family with the 3000 square foot city terrace that needs some greenery but you just aren’t there enough to get someone in to water it?? Never fear…Faux Greenery that is SO real looking you’d never know it was fake. Smart smart smart niche market. Now if only I needed it! 🙂


I took as many photos on my phone as I did with my camera but this is it – I’ve probably bored you to tears. It was packed but everyone was so nice and the booth reps were very loquacious, helpful, and seemed genuinely interested in selling their products. We especially especially loved how many young craftsmen (women too) had booths. Textiles. Furniture. Glass. Objects d’art.

My feet are tired but it was a fabulously fun day. It’s open all weekend if you want to go. You can buy tickets right at the door.

Hey CosHarbour, this enough peep photos for ya??

SATURDAY MORNING UPDATE: In my email box this morning, a note from the Viking rep. I guess the WHOLE purpose of wearing a badge emblazoned with one’s name is so that a rep who feels you are a potential buyer can look you up in the ticket data base, get your email, and contact you. Hmmmm. I don’t know if I like that, but I can see it from the vendor’s point of view.

14 thoughts on “Architectural Digest Design Show

  1. that orange range would be the perfect complement in the Brady house, with their chic orange Formica countertops. i had serious doubts that anyone would invest the effort to cut/trim wood pieces to fit in that KalamazooGourmet drawer – but, you guessed it, a handy video allayed my fears:

    1. The ovens of several brands were available in dozens of colors. Orange. Red. Tiffany blue. Royal blue. White. Pink, hot or bubblegum. Burgundy. Dark green. Matte black. Stainless is so yesterday.
      I’ve never heard of the brand Kalamazoo but the rep said many TV cooks are now using them. I see your clip shows Rick Bayless but Steve Raichlin also uses them. I thought he was a Weber guy through and through so if Kalamazoo has wooed him over, good for Kalamazoo marketing.

    1. Oh fun!
      Yes, either get there early or about an hour after it starts. The crush was when the doors opened.
      Have your badge printed out and folded as instructed. They hand you a badge holder that goes around your neck that gets scanned.
      Bring a lightweight tote for the brochures etc. The ones handed out free are difficult to carry.
      Wear Depends. The lines into the ladies room were long.
      The lunch area is also very crowded. Hard to find a place to sit.
      Try and see every booth. The smaller merchants are in the M# booths. They love to be engaged about their wares.
      We were there a full five hours and saw 99%. Wear comfy shoes!!

  2. Here’s a YT video of Raichlin using the Kalamazoo Gaucho grill. Was this on display? I’d like one.

    1. Peter – the gaucho grill was there and how I managed to come home without a photo of it is shocking. Tons of people were oohing and aahing over it. If you ever watch The Pioneer Woman on Food Network you know that’s the kind of grill their family uses. Of course, they live on a working cattle ranch so a steak is right in the back forty. Very cool looking although a bit too shiny – the old ones, handmade and clunky, seem a bit more true to the gaucho experience. This is more like what a New Yorker sees as a gaucho experience.

  3. holy moly! that gaucho grill is close to $20k (without the side burner).
    how about a dirt cheap outdoor pizza oven? these folks in the West of Ireland got it down:

    1. Those Irish – very very very clever. Mr. EOS, without any Irish blood in him, would also think to create a pizza oven that way too before ever buying that new fangled thing.

      Every item Kalamazoo sell is pricey. I think the smoker was around $10k, one of the grills easily $15k. I’m not sure who their target market is, other than wannabe dude ranchers.

      1. Watch who you’re calling a dude rancher wannabe! Spring vacation for the kids is now and we are leaving this morning for Jackson, through Denver. Lots of organizing of the house to do – we have no furniture in it yet so we bought sleeping bags and an air mattress for the next eight days. Leaving as YOU get snow. How funny is that?

        1. Have a great time in your new hometown. It’s a fabulous place.

          Our snow forecast in NY is for less than 3″. Mr. EOS is readying the tractor for the predicted 10″ in RI. He might complain but don’t be fooled. He loves every opportunity to take the Kubota out of its own garage, even if it means using it as a snow plow.

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