One or Two?

Real Estate Wednesday with a twist. Two houses, two towns, two price tags, so let’s play The Eye Exam Game, when he says Which is Better…one or two…

  1. $499,000. Three acres. 1278 sf. 2B 2B. Bedford schools. Privacy abounds. Not visible from road. Gorgeous narrow winding road to boot.



Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

Living Room 1

Living Room 2

Looking at land from Birds Eye View



Or two…


Two very different examples of real estate in prime Northern Westchester towns.

House one at $499k looks like the floor plan isn’t conducive to having kids, as a matter of fact, I don’t see the second bedroom in the photos so I guess it’s a room downstairs that’s being called the den now? No photos of either bathroom and no floor plan to know if one is upstairs and one is down. House one has a location advantage of you want privacy but 1278 sf is pretty small for $499, IMHO. Taxes are cheap here (and I’d like to find out why please – only $8k for three acres!) Mine, for five acres, is more than TRIPLE that amount. Hey, assessor!

House two, the price is nice. Upside: The lake is gorgeous, the lake community very close knit, lots of families, easy for kids to ride bikes around, fun to use the lake and beach, good school district. Downside, this house is not ON the lake and does carry HOA lake dues (modest, $200 year). Also, the house is sandwiched between a road and a multi-homed driveway and for a quarter acre, the taxes see steep at over $5k.

Pros and cons for both. If I were a family with little kids, I’d take the one on Lake Kitchawan Road and deal with the lack of privacy in my yard. If I were a New Yorker looking for a weekender, I’d take the East Middle Patent house and lighten it up.

Just a reminder – I have no interest in either home, am not trying to sell you one or the other – just a blog game for Hump Day.

And oh yes, a little Mitt Romney bashing too after Trump’s yuuuuuuuuge victories last night. Way to waste $40m Mitt, on subterfuging a candidate. It’s wholly anti-American, whether you like Trump or not. Bernie will have to decide to bail soon, very soon. There’s no path to victory for him.


20 thoughts on “One or Two?

  1. We have good friends who live on the lake. You are right to say it’s a very close community and they enjoy living near each other. You wouldn’t move there and want privacy.

    East Middle Patent needs work and at $499 already, I don’t know how much you’d want to put in it. I’d repaint the exterior (hate red houses) and paint a lot of the interior trim white. I agree the floor plan looks iffy re the second bedroom and with no photos of the bathrooms in the listing, uh oh.

    Love this series of what can be bought around here for a relative song. Thanks.

    1. I think you are the target audience for house one, anon, the listing copy even used the word weekender. Expect your taxes to go up if you lift a paintbrush to the place. There’s another red house very near this one and I wonder if the two were part of a larger compound, now split off.

  2. Two, hands down, even with the lack of land. Two is very nicely done inside (with the exception of the kitchen, which could easily be updated). The space is much better divided in House 2 and both bathrooms are updated and nice. The price tag of one seems high for what you get.

  3. Is it my imagination or are prices in Bedford and surrounding towns much lower than years past? Two viable options for people on the hunt for their first home in that price range.

    I’d pick Two.

    1. Not your imagination, regrettably. Prices here have fallen flat, flatter than a pancake and there are “bargains” to be had in some higher price brackets. The price range that it the worst hurt is between $2-4 million – a glut of homes for sale, each one lowering their price time and time again. They aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

      1. We’re part of the glut, our house has been on the market for well over a year, in the $2.5 range. We haven’t even gotten a low ball bid to consider.

        1. Sorry to hear that Bedford Mom. If its not too personal, are you selling to move to a bigger/smaller home or leaving the area? No need to answer if I’ve stepped over the boundary, just curious.

        2. We’re downsizing. My husband lost his job last year and even though he rebounded with a new job, it’s always tenuous being the new hire at his age (47). We don’t feel we can support a large home. We’re not quite going Tiny House but are looking for a house half the size we have now.

        3. I hope a sale happens for you. I can appreciate the concern over keeping a big house what with the tax load so fingers crossed this spring will bring out buyers in droves. Or at least one right for your house. Keep us posted.

        4. Fellow Bedford Mom, We have good friends whose house has been similarly idle, now at $2.9 from $3.4 and before that it was $3.5. A gorgeous house with incredible long views but not a bite. They are frustrated with no activity, want to move to Florida (their kids are grown and gone), meanwhile have to sit tight and wait. I respect your decision to downsize. We NYers know the pain of the tax bill, in some cases it’s as much as the secondary earning spouse might make in salary. That’s just one of the reasons we are waving goodbye to New York.

          Spring is here and I’ll echo EOS’s sentiments that a buyer comes along soon. Have you already found the house you want to buy?

    1. What great taste you have in homes. Both of those are gorgeous. The one on Guard Hill backs up to Sunnyfield Farm so you’d forever be protected. I’m not positive, but I think this was Michael Douglas and Katherine Zeta Jones house. They were right near this corner on GH and sold it, for something bigger! Awwww.

      Narrow is one of the prettiest roads in Bedford and the house you linked to is beautiful in every way shape and form. Agree a two million dollar price drop is eye-catching. Sellers in a hurry to beat off the Feds?

    1. When I was searching realtors websites I saw a photo of these. I didn’t click the link. What’s a unit sell for? Interesting the promotional video has a single woman. Maybe that’s there target market? The interior sure looked lovely. Not so sure about the exterior. Would need to see them in person.

      PS: Answered my own question by moosing through the website you sent. “Starting at” is a red flag in my book but $439k looks like a decent price for all you get.

  4. Laurel Ridge residences are but a stones throw away from Grace House and Jhouse.
    So I vote for #5

  5. Here in LR, in the older neighborhoods, which tend to have small lots, sales of high-end houses ($1 million+) and high-ish end (600+) are going gang busters. We haven’t had any economic sea change here; I think the buyers are people who already had enough money, and the sellers are people who didn’t and don’t “need” to sell, so the sellers just hit the pause button circa 2008 and came back to life last year. Not the same economic drivers as metro NYC, for sure. I wonder what it’s like in other parts of the country.

    1. Interesting. What tends to drive sales in LR? Is it a corporate town where execs come and go with enough regularity that it sustains high end sales? I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know what corporations (other than the Clinton Library) are HQ there. Walmart execs live there?

  6. Walmart and its legions of vendor supplicants are up in Bentonville, NW Arkansas, 3 hours away. Ditto Tyson Foods, in Springdale. Clinton Library isn’t a big employer. LR is a growing regional medical center, so some well-paid doctors move to town. But, for the most part, people around here “with money” have been in the state for generations, and the $ comes from farmland, timber, natural gas and related industries. Not us, alas, carpetbaggers that we are, but we qualify as exotic imports 😜

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