Be Ab. Ace Cab. Bake Cake.

Quiz: Connect the post title to the photos. Your time starts now….



6 thoughts on “Be Ab. Ace Cab. Bake Cake.

    1. Is that a commentary on the quality of this intriguing post? Okay, so it’s not my best. But you didn’t answer the question so I must give you an I, for Incomplete.

  1. Hey Anonymous, it isn’t very nice out today.

    I’ll take a stab. You really want to bake a cake but you are working on your abs in a cab so you made all those veggies? The roasted cauliflower looks the best to me.

  2. Can’t figure out the quiz unless it’s some sort of anagram for the vegetables you cooked? Got asparagus pee?

  3. I’ll bet it all Alex, those letters are related to the vitamins in the photo foods. All of them have Vitamins B, C and K. A couple have Vitamin E. B-C-K-E-A – you’ve gone Boggle on us and made words out of those letters. A stretch EOS but it is Wednesday. What do I win?

    1. Wow. Both you and The Real Jeopardy Philip are geniuses. I guess you watched last night as Philip bet it all? Gutsy.

      What do you win? Ha ha.

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