Throwback: Lucky For Us, It Was Siesta Time

With nothing particularly earth-shattering to blog about today, here’s a look back at a post from this date in 2012, on our South American journey. Seems like yesterday we were there. 

Last stop, Salta. To the west, Chile. To the east. Paraguay. North. Bolivia. 3780 feet above sea level, at the foothills of the Andes mountains. Mining, agriculture, and oil refinery are the major industries with mining number one – silver, gold, and lithium, important for the batteries around the world.

Very diversified population, founded by the Spanish, but a large number of Italians, Syrians and Lebanese. The first city we’ve been in with a large Middle Eastern presence.

We flew in among heavy clouds and it is still cloudy at 8:30pm but we had a good first afternoon experience of seeing Salta from atop Cerro San Bernardo.

How do you get to the top of the mountain I asked? Alpaca? No. Horses? No. Cable car?? Si, senora. But the Gods of No More Cable Cars must have been shining down upon us…siesta time and the rides up/down closed until 6pm. Phew! So our guide drove us to the top, from which we got a sense of the large town below.

The drive up, about 2.5 miles of winding all uphill road, was packed, and I mean packed, with runners, bicyclists, walkers, moms with strollers, dogs. We felt like such losers in a car. Then, atop the mountain, a FREE exercise class. I’d say Salta residents (I can’t remember what they are called, but I am sure it’s NOT Saltines!) are in tip-top shape.

A downhill bicycle race advertised furthered our assumption that this one very healthy town.

Click arrow to watch video.

And two not so eeensy-weeensy spiders in the cactus below.

We drove across town after seeing the mountaintop and our driver, a young man of about 30, got cut-off at an intersection by a woman driver. His response: “someone must have left the kitchen door open.” Yes, the typical Latin male.

Blockbuster and Mickey D, side by side. First Blockbuster we’ve seen and our guide said it is very popular.

Across Salta and up into the San Lorenzo Gorge for a stroll along the waters coming off the Andes.

Debating about renting this truck to cross the Andes tomorrow. What do you think?

Then back to the hotel for a civilized place to sit for a drink and to check out the rules for earthquake evacuation. We’re on a big fault, same as the San Andreas, just a different name. The last town we were in, Mendoza, was demolished in 1891 by an earthquake and they have modest tremors all the time. I am hoping NOT to need the rules here in Salta.

17 thoughts on “Throwback: Lucky For Us, It Was Siesta Time

  1. Blockbusters are closing down here at an alarming rate but I see I don’t have to feel sorry for them…

    I like the earthquake advice in “After the quake” ie

    “If you could not leave the room cautiously down the stairs and cove
    r your head… “

  2. EOSr- This must be a telepathic post, since I just booked my trip to Salta for July 2016. I was meaning to go back and review your trip there, so thanks for the time saver.

    In other news, Pam Biondi, Florida’s Attorney General, is taking up where Sarah Palin left off in public hugs and kisses for Trump at the Tampa rally.

    Rubio will become wealthy beyond his dreams as a DC lobbyist. The Cubans are going crazy for Trump, in hope that he will keep the Mexicans out of Florida.

    Obama is going with the Tampa Bay Rays to Havana for the ball game against Cuba Nationals, which is not winning the Dems any points in S. Florida.

    But the business and professional community here has Havana fever. Where’s my ferry ticket?

    1. No way. ESP for sure. Are you going elsewhere beyond Salta? I remember you had friends from the forestry field who lived or previously worked in Salta, right?

      Trump will blow out the field tonight. All Rubio can do, and he’s said as much, is to bond with all the other #NeverTrump peeps. What he can’t figure out is that this action will piss off even more American voters who are sick and tired of the R establishment. I don’t think I’d even reach out to shake Romney’s hand if I were to be in the same room with him. And I say this as not a big Trump supporter but as someone who has watched the R establishment destroy the party.

      Obama’s Cuban trip is to create his post-presidency fund where he’ll look to buy up land for the Obama Golf and Country Club.

  3. I reactivated my Forestry professional credentials, joining the Florida and Caribbean chapters. Within 3 minutes a consulting gig developed in Belize for April and later Salta for July. But my big target is reviving the Cuba Mahogany trade. You have already sniffed out where a Chicago community organizer sets up his Gold, err Golf, Club. Trump could take a lesson.

    1. OK, I’m going to ask you a really stupid question. #NothingNewAboutThat

      You are interested in reviving the Cuban Mahogany trade to cut down the trees to use for furniture and instruments or you want to preserve them?

      No judgement either way, just asking to clarify. #ItReallyWasAStupidQuestion

  4. I just came from an educational conference where, even for adults, instructors must preface every answer with, “That’s a great question.”

    So I am glad that is a peeve of yours too.

    The whole point of sustained yield forestry, as opposed to resource extraction, is to have both.

    But there is a real need for bringing back great furniture. What kind does Trump have? Not IKEA.

    1. Mahogany is one of the prettiest of all woods for furniture. While you are in Belize, can you cut down and bring home for me about a 50 footer? Thanks. It should fit in the overhead once cut up.

      Your career field is very fascinating and I’m envious that it brings you so many different opportunities for extended learning, and travel. Those of us who majored in sociology or English are looking back and thinking, WTF!

  5. From Bill Bryson’s book “At Home”:

    … As furniture makers, Chippendale and his contemporaries were masters without any doubt, but they enjoyed one special advantage that can never be replicated: the use of the finest furniture wood that has ever existed, a species of mahogany called Swietenia mahogani. [Sorry, cannot do proper italics here.] Found only on parts of Cuba and Hispaniola … Swietenia mahogani has never been matched for richness, elegance and utility. Such was the demand for it that it was entirely used up — irremediably extinct — within just fifty years of its discovery. Some two hundred other species of mahogany exist in the world, and most are very good woods, but they have nothing like the richness and smooth workability of the departed S. mahogani….”

    To Earth Image: Does that match what you know? Wow!

    To EOS: Add history majors such as Yours Truly to your list of WTF undergrad degrees.

    1. Our day majors History English Lit Sociology were stellar choices compared to LGBT studies, Black studies, Climate. Those majors will get kids free rent in moms basement.

  6. RLRR-

    Thanks for the commentary. Reports of extinction of this species are pre-mature. But a major conservation plan is necessary to bring it back in full force. Wild turkeys were “extinct” in our region only a few years ago. Now look at them. I have encountered flocks of 200 birds nesting in oak forests.

    I will report back in detail with photos.

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