When Your Monday Morning Breakfast Smiles at You, It May Be Time to Crawl Back Under the Covers! 

It’s raining here and still awfully dark at 7am, flummoxing my plan for an early morning walk with a neighbor, but I have lots on my plate today, not the least of which is running up to Norwalk to the Orvis Outlet store for a new Dawg bed. The therapeutic beds are outrageously expensive at Orvis, excellent but whoa, $400+, so I’m going to see what the outlet store has. I got the bed Dawg has in the kitchen for half price at the outlet but she needs another for the master bedroom for nighttime. I’m hoping for a similar good deal today…..and I might as well pop into Stew Leonard’s while in Norwalk. For this? Happy Pi Day.   


9 thoughts on “When Your Monday Morning Breakfast Smiles at You, It May Be Time to Crawl Back Under the Covers! 

    1. Ha ha. I wondered who’d ask that first. It’s my daily ritual. One poached egg. Handful of sautéed spinach and Black beans with a teaspoon of salsa on top.

  1. I’m with Jane here – that’s not what I call breakfast. Where’s the bacon?

    Call me. I want to go to Norwalk with you.

    1. Well, you two skinnymarinks can eat bacon with abandon. I love bacon, like protein in the morning, but when I have bacon, it’s with pancakes or some other heavy carb food. Or even if it is with eggs, bacon and eggs means toast, and toast means butter. Getting my drift?

      My egg, spinach, and black bean combo is highly recommended.

      1. Those types never round. And 3.1415 is the correct start of the sequence. At the epicenter of it all today visiting MIT with #1 child on the spring break college tour. Thought there would be mucho craziness around it but not so much.

        1. Wow, the brainiac apple didn’t fall far from the tree. I love the kids I know who went to MIT. Hope it’s not as rainy and cold there today as it is around here. Have fun. Touring is the best part of applying.

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